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I went camping this weekend with my family. It’s not a new thing. We go a couple times a year, weather permitting. I’ve noticed that I have really freaking weird dreams when camping. Last time we went I had back to back dreams about some folks I play WoW with. This time my dream was a little weirder and also a lot less awkward to retell on a blog.

I had a dream that I had gotten in to a raid with one of the server’s top guilds. I was so excited to be invited to raid with the big boys that I got a little neurotic. I think I was playing my baby horde shaman, but as a healer. Everything went just fine and the bosses died and I did not (which is a big change from real life, let me tell you). But right when the final boss died I had to pee, so I jumped up off my computer real fast and left the room.

When I came back I noticed that the boss’ loot had been distributed just via the normal loot roll system instead of by master looter. I figured everything was okay since I had been gone so the game should have just passed for me after the timer ran out. Except, I started to notice some people griping about me rolling on things, so I scrolled up and noticed that instead of passing for me the game had randomly rolled need on something. It was an offhand weapon that apparently I didn’t need or couldn’t use, but I won it anyway. I also won some sort of item that would allow me to create a weapon, but I won it on a greed roll so I didn’t think anything of it.

By the end of the raid I guess I finally realized that I should give the offhand item I won over to someone else but everyone left before I could figure out who and make things right. So I was sitting there feeling like a shithead for rolling on something I didn’t need and also really confused as to why the game just randomly rolled on something for me. Then I heard a knock at my door (I was sitting in a friend’s old childhood bedroom, which was apparently my apartment in this dream) and I got up to answer.

It was one of the other players in the raid who had wanted the offhand I won. And she was PISSED. Just for giggles, the item I had won was an offhand pillow. Like the type you sleep on. Anyway. She chewed me out for rolling on something she wanted and I tried to explain calmly that I had gotten up to pee and the game rolled on it for me and I hadn’t meant to take it. But she was just screaming at me and being all sorts of rude so I told her that you know what, I had been going to give her the offhand pillow to make things right but since she was being such an insufferable bitch, she couldn’t have it. And I slammed the door in her face.

Then, not two minutes later, I get an email from the raid leader who was just politely asking what was up with that roll. So I emailed him back explaining exactly what had happened and apologizing for the mishap. Then I tried explaining that one of the others raiders had come knocking on my door and had been screaming at me about it and how I had been willing to make everything right up until then. I don’t remember if I sent the email or not but I remember feeling kinda shitty about not just giving up the offhand pillow.

And then I woke up, because our 100 year old tent trailer rocks like an earthquake whenever someone moves in it. It was a super long night.


Battle Pet Spotlight: Nexus Whelpling

Sometimes a pet will come along that is one in a million (or, you know, one in 547). The Nexus Whelpling is my go-to pet for battling flying creatures. He wreaks havoc against anything with wings with his hard-hitting magic abilities, but takes negligible damage himself. He’s the perfect counter pet to any tamer’s flying pets. He has an amazing mix of utility and offensive spells that makes him a solid choice for PvP pet battling too! Against a trainer, start with Arcane Storm to set the weather to Arcane Winds, then cast Mana Surge for a devastating three round attack with increased damage during the storm. It’s hard to imagine any flying pet surviving that, but just in case, Tail Sweep will sweep your opponent right off the field. Bye bye. For PvP, Sear Magic can be a life saver against debuff-happy opponents. Wild Magic can be cast as a last ditch effort just before your whelpling dies to give your next pet a competitive edge. Any way you look at it, there’s no reason not to add a Nexus Whelpling to your team!

Breed ID:

The Nexus Whelpling does best when he is the slower pet in the battle. Tail Sweep does extra damage if the whelp goes second, so look for breeds with lower speed and higher attack. Breeds 10 and 20 fit the bill.

Where to find it:

The Nexus Whelpling hangs out at – you guessed it – the Nexus. This is a raid/instance location found in Coldarra, a large island off the northwest coast of Borean Tundra in Northrend. The whelps spawn all over the island in small numbers. They are relatively uncommon to find, but nowhere near as rare as the Minfernal. As this area is a Wrath-era zone, you will want to be level 68 or higher in order to survive the mobs there and make the most of your time.

Pets with similar skill sets:

If you’re using the Nexus Whelpling, chances are it’s as a strong counter to flying pets. His strength in this role is due to his classification as a dragonkin pet with strong magic attacks. No other dragonkin pet has the exact same set of skills as the Nexus Whelpling, but there exist a few that are also suitably equipped to be devastating to flying type pets: the Nether Faerie Dragon, Sprite Darter Hatchling, Lil’ Tarecgosa, and the Netherwhelp (if you’re lucky enough to own one).

Pair it with:

Only two abilities benefit from the weather being Arcane winds. Those are Psychic Blast and Mana Surge. The Arcane Eye and Tiny Blue Carp have both of these attacks, but do not have Arcane Storm. Pairing them with a Nexus Whelpling could unleash some potentially devastating synergy. Try it out!

Pro Tip:

Having trouble with Jeremy Feasel during the Darkmoon Faire? His monkey and tonk’s stun can be bothersome for some teams. If they’re giving you headaches, try swapping in a Nexus Whelping, or any pet with Arcane Storm, which prevents the monkey and tonk from stunning your pets!

Altoholics Anonymous

If you’ve read even, like, two posts on this blog you probably caught on to my not-so-secret affliction: I have an alt problem.

My home server is full. Two other servers are getting close. A handful of other servers have a smattering of characters between them. I belong to 4 different guilds.

The vast majority of these characters don’t get any real play time. I might log in once in a great while to run a dungeon or two when I get the urge, but otherwise they sit and look sad and collect pixelated dust. A small contingency of these alts are what I would call my “core” alts. Even though they belong to different servers, I play them regularly and keep up with the goings on in their guilds.

It’s one of these alts that has been occupying my time lately. Meet Sura, the level 43 Horde Pandaren shaman. I was running a heroic on my 90 Horde priest when I saw a pandaren shaman flinging lightning bolts left and right and I said, “I wanna do that too!” so I made a shaman of my own. That’s how I do things, folks. It’s all one big whim.

So I made a level 1 shaman with the prowess of a level 90 shaman in mind was was subsequently quickly disappointed. You start out with all of two spells that do only slightly more damage than auto attacking with a limp noodle. Add in the fact that I’m not in possession of any heirlooms and killing stuff got difficult. Dungeons (my favorite activity in the game) are super dull when you’re relegated to nothing but lightning bolt spam and the occasional shock spell. I was bummed.

I guess that’s how low level alts are. I should have known that, you know, given how many I have. I just found the low level elemental shaman to be slow, boring, and kind of clunky. It smoothed its self out as a leveled up. Once I got chain lightning and lava burst things got less spammy and a little bit more exciting. But for a long time I felt frustrated because, while everyone else in my dungeon groups was decked out in heirlooms dealing a lot of damage, mobs would die so fast that all I had time for was an earth shock. Forget trying to cast anything.

So I had to make other arrangements for my leveling enjoyment (and my sanity). I did pet battles, I collected herbs, I did some PvP pet battles…it’s nice to be able to engage in some of that and still get at least vaguely competitive experience from it.

There’s my latest alt then. According to a friend, I have a problem.

How to Defeat Dos-Ryga and Other Legendary Pets

With the advent of patch 5.3, Blizzard did a little bit of tweaking on the legendary pet battles. Most notably, all legendary pets required for the Beasts of Fable dailies now reduce all incoming damage by 50% and it seems to have increased their damage output, too.

Presumably these changes are in response to those who felt that the so-called “legendary” beasts were…well, not very legendary. Personally, I don’t really want “difficulty” in my pet battles. A little bit of a challenge is all in good fun, but I always felt that pet battles were a fun side-quest. They should be kept fun and simple, otherwise they get to be a hassle and a chore and I have enough of that with other aspects of the game.

But, that is my personal opinion. Many folks seemed to think the legendary beasts of fable were too easy and Blizzard has answered. Now it seems the pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction: folks are now complaining that these battles are too difficult. My opinion falls somewhere in between. I find them challenging but overall surmountable. In fact, I don’t see too much of a difference between pre and post patch battles.

However, if you’re struggling, then I have a few tips for you.

First of all, there are a lot of good “universal” pet teams out there that folks claim can take on every legendary pet without the need to swap pets or change up your team. These are great, but it’s always been too much work for me to put together one team that has enough synergy and firepower to take out many vastly different opponents.

My strategy had always been to up my team with 3 pets that are strong against the legendary. If the legendary is aquatic, 3 flying pets, and so on. If that proves to be a mistake, then I will swap pets around as needed. However, after killing these legendaries a few times I have it down as to which pets work the best. After a while, I got it down. I don’t think the legendaries are too hard.

HOWEVER. Dos-Rgya for some god-forsaken reason has been over-tuned to the point of ridiculousness. Even a full team of my best fliers couldn’t make a dent in him with his 50% damage reduction and his ability to heal to full health every few turns. His attacks simply hit too hard for any pet to survive without healing, but if you sacrifice a turn to healing you can’t put out enough damage to win the fight. It’s awful. After struggling with him for a solid hour, I finally hit the internet to do some digging. Here’s what I found.

If you’re having trouble with Dos, or any of the legendary pets, there is a team that can take them out in one hit. Yeah, one. Your team should look like this:

1 cockroach or beetle. Must have Survival and Apocalypse. Does not have to be level 25, but must be high enough not to die in one hit. High speed pets are useful here.

2 water strider pets. Must have Healing Rain and Soothe. Should be level 25.

The strat:

Send in the roach/beetle. Use Apocalypse.

Dos-Ryga will use Whirlpool. You may keep your roach in combat for this turn. Swap him before Whirlpool hits.

Send in a strider. Use Soothe.

Do not attack Dos-Ryga. Heal yourself as needed. Keep using Soothe to send him back to sleep. Pass on your turn if you can do nothing but attack. The point here is to stall and buy time, not do damage. Switch to the second strider when the first dies.

Important: after some testing it appears to me that Apocalypse WILL NOT hit if the roach is not out. You must swap to the roach in order for this attack to hit. Switch him in when Apocalypse has 2 rounds left. Use Survival immediately to be sure your roach doesn’t die from Dos-Ryga’s attacks prematurely.

Wait for Apocalypse to hit. It has a 100% chance to hit.



This strategy relies heavily on your ability to bullshit for 15 rounds. Always use a heal on cooldown. Pets with high amounts of speed are a saving grace in this set up. The ability to get in a heal before Dos attacks is priceless. Use Soothe on cooldown as well. You must not attack him for this strategy to work. This includes DoT attacks. Apocalypse is a one-hit kill, so the point of your striders is simply to last long enough for Apocalypse to kill him.

This strategy should work for any legendary pet that you’re struggling with but I have only tested it on Dos. It took a few tries to get it right, but it works like a charm. Hopefully this gives you some hope if you’re struggling and getting downtrodden. Pet battles are supposed to be fun!