Altoholics Anonymous

If you’ve read even, like, two posts on this blog you probably caught on to my not-so-secret affliction: I have an alt problem.

My home server is full. Two other servers are getting close. A handful of other servers have a smattering of characters between them. I belong to 4 different guilds.

The vast majority of these characters don’t get any real play time. I might log in once in a great while to run a dungeon or two when I get the urge, but otherwise they sit and look sad and collect pixelated dust. A small contingency of these alts are what I would call my “core” alts. Even though they belong to different servers, I play them regularly and keep up with the goings on in their guilds.

It’s one of these alts that has been occupying my time lately. Meet Sura, the level 43 Horde Pandaren shaman. I was running a heroic on my 90 Horde priest when I saw a pandaren shaman flinging lightning bolts left and right and I said, “I wanna do that too!” so I made a shaman of my own. That’s how I do things, folks. It’s all one big whim.

So I made a level 1 shaman with the prowess of a level 90 shaman in mind was was subsequently quickly disappointed. You start out with all of two spells that do only slightly more damage than auto attacking with a limp noodle. Add in the fact that I’m not in possession of any heirlooms and killing stuff got difficult. Dungeons (my favorite activity in the game) are super dull when you’re relegated to nothing but lightning bolt spam and the occasional shock spell. I was bummed.

I guess that’s how low level alts are. I should have known that, you know, given how many I have. I just found the low level elemental shaman to be slow, boring, and kind of clunky. It smoothed its self out as a leveled up. Once I got chain lightning and lava burst things got less spammy and a little bit more exciting. But for a long time I felt frustrated because, while everyone else in my dungeon groups was decked out in heirlooms dealing a lot of damage, mobs would die so fast that all I had time for was an earth shock. Forget trying to cast anything.

So I had to make other arrangements for my leveling enjoyment (and my sanity). I did pet battles, I collected herbs, I did some PvP pet battles…it’s nice to be able to engage in some of that and still get at least vaguely competitive experience from it.

There’s my latest alt then. According to a friend, I have a problem.


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  1. “You start out with all of two spells that do only slightly more damage than auto attacking with a limp noodle.”


    I hated shaman at first. It got better once I got into the 30s/40s, but before then, WHY GOD WHY.

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