I went camping this weekend with my family. It’s not a new thing. We go a couple times a year, weather permitting. I’ve noticed that I have really freaking weird dreams when camping. Last time we went I had back to back dreams about some folks I play WoW with. This time my dream was a little weirder and also a lot less awkward to retell on a blog.

I had a dream that I had gotten in to a raid with one of the server’s top guilds. I was so excited to be invited to raid with the big boys that I got a little neurotic. I think I was playing my baby horde shaman, but as a healer. Everything went just fine and the bosses died and I did not (which is a big change from real life, let me tell you). But right when the final boss died I had to pee, so I jumped up off my computer real fast and left the room.

When I came back I noticed that the boss’ loot had been distributed just via the normal loot roll system instead of by master looter. I figured everything was okay since I had been gone so the game should have just passed for me after the timer ran out. Except, I started to notice some people griping about me rolling on things, so I scrolled up and noticed that instead of passing for me the game had randomly rolled need on something. It was an offhand weapon that apparently I didn’t need or couldn’t use, but I won it anyway. I also won some sort of item that would allow me to create a weapon, but I won it on a greed roll so I didn’t think anything of it.

By the end of the raid I guess I finally realized that I should give the offhand item I won over to someone else but everyone left before I could figure out who and make things right. So I was sitting there feeling like a shithead for rolling on something I didn’t need and also really confused as to why the game just randomly rolled on something for me. Then I heard a knock at my door (I was sitting in a friend’s old childhood bedroom, which was apparently my apartment in this dream) and I got up to answer.

It was one of the other players in the raid who had wanted the offhand I won. And she was PISSED. Just for giggles, the item I had won was an offhand pillow. Like the type you sleep on. Anyway. She chewed me out for rolling on something she wanted and I tried to explain calmly that I had gotten up to pee and the game rolled on it for me and I hadn’t meant to take it. But she was just screaming at me and being all sorts of rude so I told her that you know what, I had been going to give her the offhand pillow to make things right but since she was being such an insufferable bitch, she couldn’t have it. And I slammed the door in her face.

Then, not two minutes later, I get an email from the raid leader who was just politely asking what was up with that roll. So I emailed him back explaining exactly what had happened and apologizing for the mishap. Then I tried explaining that one of the others raiders had come knocking on my door and had been screaming at me about it and how I had been willing to make everything right up until then. I don’t remember if I sent the email or not but I remember feeling kinda shitty about not just giving up the offhand pillow.

And then I woke up, because our 100 year old tent trailer rocks like an earthquake whenever someone moves in it. It was a super long night.


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