Moonfang Makes Me Mad

And alternative alliterations, also.

So, after camping the damned Moonfang event since Sunday, and killing her upwards of 15 times, I have come to the following conclusions.

First, she is too damn hard. I get what a world boss is, alright? I get the point. And I do not believe that we should have everything handed to us. But Moonfang is overtuned. She has two different attacks which can one-shot a fully raid geared level 90. One is avoidable, the other is barely so. A little bit of lag and both are lethal. Her auto attacks hit hard enough to warrant a healer on any dedicated tank, but since so few people will tank these things she mostly ends up chewing through the DPS like Milkbones and killing the entire damn congregation.

Second, her loot table is screwed up. I’ve gotten so many mounts I’ve lost count, but I have yet to see the pet. For a boss that is only active one week a month, I feel like the drop rate on the pet ought to be a tad higher. Not so high that you only have to kill her once or twice. I don’t much care to be spoonfed pets either, but neither do I like wasting an entire week camping a boss for the off chance that she drops something other than the mount. It’s a weird world of Warcraft when a mount has a higher drop chance than a pet.

Third, she isn’t soloable and she doesn’t scale with the amount of people attacking her like the Timeless Isle rares. Whether you have two people or two hundred, she remains at the same difficulty, which is to say, very difficult. If she were able to be solo’d, a lot of my gripes would be solved. DPS is not really the issue here. Surviving her insta-kill attacks is. The only way I have found to reliably dodge her leap is to just keep moving constantly. As a hunter (my farming character of choice) that isn’t so bad. As any caster or melee class, it’s a nightmare.

Tying in to the above point is the fact that you need a huge group to whittle her down, in between people dying every six seconds and the massive amount of adds. On the first day or two of the Faire when she was new, that wasn’t an issue. Fifty to sixty people gathered each time. But after that I noted significantly less, and getting those people to actively participate in the kill instead of just tagging her and then going idle is half of the fight here. Couple that with the fact that 90% of participants sit around with their thumb up their ass staring at her spawn point as if she will magically appear instead of helping kill the wolves that spawn her, and just getting her to pop up can be an ordeal all on its own.

But all of this is insignificant compared to her biggest flaw: her leash is too effing short. If she moves forty to fifty yards from her spawn point, she resets. I’ve watched so many groups bring her down to less that 10% only for her to leap on someone standing far away, evade, and reset herself to full health. And the worst part is, people think it’s funny to grief others this way, by grabbing aggro and then running far away and forcing her to reset. Because in the world of online gaming, being an utter shithead to other people is funny and has no consequences.

I like the idea of these world bosses that drop pets. I really do. But something went way off with Moonfang and I can’t help but feel it’s due to inadequate testing. She was popped in for this faire without much of a test run and now there are issues that might have been dealt with before she was unleashed. I think it would be easy enough to fix, though, in a number of ways.

I think her leap and AoE attacks should be toned down just a bit. They should still hit hard enough to warrant you to move your ass quickly, but being hit by them should not be instant death. This might encourage people to actually heal others during the fight if they are still alive to heal. I also feel that her leashing distance should be greatly increased. I have a feeling Blizzard does not want people kiting her into the fairgrounds and I would agree. Nobody needs to be doing that crap. But increasing her leash long enough to accommodate her leap mechanic would be ideal. Increasing the drop rate of the Moon Moon pet would also be ideal, though probably wishful thinking. Just enough to compensate for the fact that it is available only 7 days per month. I would also like to see Moonfang scale in difficulty based on the number of players attacking her. I think it is inadvisable on Blizzard’s part to assume that she will always be a popular attraction, and that masses of players will always congregate to slay her. After a few months, when the novelty has worn off and most people have gotten or bought the pet, getting a group together to kill her will be like pulling teeth without anesthesia. If she were able to be solo’d, or at least taken down in a small group, these woes would be greatly lessened and the pet would be available regardless of the faire’s waning popularity. Finally, I’d like to beg on bended knee that PvP be turned off on the island (except for in the arena). PvP griefing during the Moonfang event seems counter-intuitive to the Faire’s overall goal and is unpleasant at best.

I hope Blizzard puts some additional scrutiny on this encounter in the weeks ahead so that some of these things might be ironed out. I’d like to see the Moonfang event last longer than one faire rotation and I think in order for that to happen she needs to be reworked a bit.

I guess that’s enough of my grumbling. Back to camping Moonfang and sacrificing small orcish children to the RNG gods.


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  1. I have 90s on three servers. By Monday night, one of the servers’ participation had died off enough to make it impossible to kill her. By Wednesday night, the second one wasn’t worth logging into. Even on the one with the highest participation, last night was rough. I can only imagine how much harder it will be to kill her going forward. Almost every character on that server has Moonfang’s Paw (since it doesn’t bind until you use it) but I have not seen the pet yet either.

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