Iron Man Challenge!

A few months back I decided I would get in on the Iron Man Challenge…then I promptly forgot all about it. Yesterday I noticed I had a character on a new server and I didn’t remember rolling a character there. Surprise! It was the low level character I made to do the Iron Man Challenge! So meet Iarann of Skywall US:

I'm going to die!

I’m going to die!

I chose a Draenei hunter because of the Draenei racial heal ability. Also, a hunter just seemed easiest. Feign death should be a lifesaver. Ice Trap, deterrence and disengage will also probably save my squishy bacon a few times. And if I get into trouble, I can sacrifice my pet and run like the dickens.

The official rules are posted here, if you want to check them out for yourself. But basically, you level from one to the cap without dying, without any assistance, and without anything such as talent points or buffs or good gear or professions except First Aid. If that sounds hard, well, good. This is a challenge, not a walk in the park! One of my favorite ways to pass the time and get some experience is pet battling, but I haven’t found any official ruling on that yet so I’m going to avoid it until I do. I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t partake, but just in case…

In addition to following the official rules, I have a few strategies of my own I think will help me stay alive. Dying randomly and in various strange ways is kind of a talent of mine. Many of those deaths occur when I tab out of the game, leaving my poor character standing defenseless in some dangerous place. So I am going to have to curb that bad habit, as well as implement a few other safeguards such as only tabbing/logging out while I’m in an Inn or city where I’m safe. I am also going to avoid doing quests that send me into notoriously lethal spots, such as caves and strongholds and the like. I’ve been playing long enough to have a good idea of where those problem spots are.

So far, levels 1-10 have been cake, just as they always are. But they come with an undercurrent of anxiety because if I screw up and die I have to start all over again. Fluttershy (my moth) and I have been going slow but steady, taking our time and paying a hell of a lot more attention than we usually do while leveling. I’ve been using my hunter tracking abilities to keep aware of my surroundings at all times, and to make sure I don’t blunder into a hornet’s nest full of mobs without thinking.

One thing I noticed was that the official rules forbid hunters from using pet talent points (obviously an outdated version of the rules, since hunter pets haven’t had talent points since Cataclysm) but when my hunter hit level 10, her pet was automatically specialized, with no option to unlearn that specialization. I guess it’s alright if it’s something the player has no control over? At any rate, Iarann hasn’t been flagged in the database as breaking the rules, so I guess pet specializations are in.

If you want to check out my place on the official challenge website, you can find Iarann listed here at the very bottom of the list. I’ll also be updating her progress sporadically on my blog.

Here’s hoping that this challenge doesn’t send me drooling to the looney bin any time soon.


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  1. good luck! 😀

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