I may (or may not) have instigated an all-out bloody PvP brawl on the Timeless Isle yesterday, because I may (or may not!) have accidentally tab targeted a flagged Horde player while auto shot was active on my hunter. And I may (OR MAY NOT, I stress) have panicked wildly and ran away to shadowmeld behind a tree until I was unflagged.

Again, may or MAY NOT.


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  1. i accidentally hit a flagged warlock doing an AoE while killing a rare .my /sorry obviously didn’t get through to him as he continued to find me and kill me until my five minutes of being flagged were up >.>

  2. Stuff happens – I’ve done a few things like that in the past, don’t worry about it. I play quite a few hunters and there are times when someone wanders through or you have a misfire, it happens. Hang in there, things will be just fine. *hugs*

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