New Expansion Predictions!

Have I ever told you I was psychic?

Okay, I’m not really, and I have far too many gory dreams about zombies to want that kind of power. But today I’m gonna have a little fun “predicting” the features of the new WoW expansion! Some of these are wishful thinking, some are serious, and others are mostly jokes. Blizzcon begins tomorrow, so we’ll know one way or another how psychic I am then!

A New Race
I think it just makes too much sense, at least from where I’m sitting. New races mean new content, which is the whole point of an expansion. Sure, it’s not the same as getting a new continent or new levels in terms of how much content it provides, but new races are part of what keeps the game fresh for people. I’d love to see something like ethereals made playable, rather than a completely new, never before seen race. Lore lore lore! All of the lores!

Ten New Levels
I predict ten new levels, not five. Ten! And all of the goodies that come with these levels: new spells, a new talent tier, and plenty of places to quest and level.

A New Planet
This may be wishful thinking, but I would like to visit a brand new planet, not another new island that appeared out of nowhere. I want to blast off into space again and see alien worlds that don’t match anything we’ve ever seen before. I want to see new alien races and factions and cities and feel like I’m not in Azeroth anymore. After 3 straight expansions based in Azeroth, I think it’s time to go exploring beyond our world again.

A Return to Old Lore
I would love to see more of WoW’s already established but somewhat neglected lore revisted, fleshed out, and made playable. New stuff is always awesome, too, though.

A New Profession
Alright, I admit I have no clue what it would be. But it would be cool, right?

Mobile Pet Battles
I would give my kidneys for this. I would buy an iPad and spend far too much time pet battling if I could do it outside of the game. If mobile battles could level my pets for me and earn me rewards, all the better. But even if it was strictly PvP with no rewards other than matches won, I would love it. It had better be free, though.

An Updated Transmog System
Did you catch the new transmog system in Diablo III? I love it. I want it for WoW. Please please please pretty please and cherries. And with it I would love to see some sort of system by which we can regain old quest rewards. I hate meticulously piecing together a new transmog set only to find that a key piece can only be obtained from a quest I completed 4 years ago. Rage!

New Character Models
They have to be ready by now. Please for the love of Elune, update my awful chunky night elf.

The Return of the Legion
Personal preference, but I liked those guys. I want to see them back in action.

Stuff I Don’t Predict
A new class (as much as I would like one), a revamp of Outland (thank God), more battle pet levels (25 is enough), a new hero class, and the return of Illidan. Sadly.




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  1. I am definitely with you on 10 levels, that to me is a given! I would like to see a new race or class.. but they best give me a new slot because 11 doesn’t do it for me anymore! I am a bit skeptical on both class/race though as we got given both in MoP, but at least one would be nice. However like you predict, I also would like a new planet, and to me a new race is far more logical with a new planet. My own predictions is that the whole Warlords name is the new expansion, or more hoping because I feel there is a lot that can be done to do with Draenor lore – especially when people say Turalyon & Alleria should come back etc etc.. I’d also loveeeeee new character models. That would be freaking awesome! I just can’t wait.. in 12 hours time I will be up and watching Blizzcon, and in 12hrs and 30 minutes we should be given all we want to know! đŸ˜€

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