Post-Blizzcon Reactions

A few days ago I made a prediction post. I then bought myself a virtual ticket (worth the money, in my honest opinion), hooked the laptop up to our flatscreen, and geeked out for a few days.

First off, I would love to attend Blizzcon in person some day. I don’t live all that far from Anaheim, but the cost of the physical tickets is a limiting factor for me. Add on cost of gas, cost of lodging and food and it gets a little out of my price range…by several hundred bucks. Some day. Some day.

Even watching the online feed, I was enamored of the entire event. So many people wandering around that had the same interests that I did. So many excited folks who loved the game I loved. Costumes! Such amazing cosplayers. Did you catch the costume contest the first day? The guy dressed as the practice dummy got my vote for the grand prize, but everyone had such wonderful costumes it was hard to pick!

The vibe of the whole event was just so infectious. Everyone there loved Blizzard games. No one (I hope) would pay that much for a ticket just to go there and hate everything they saw. So it was a gathering of super passionate gamers all excited for new announcements. It’s the kind of atmosphere I sorely miss around the internet, where so many people are critical and negative and sometimes downright nasty little trolls. It’s sometimes hard to stay positive about a game when so many people are screaming negativity all around you. Blizzcon was just stuffed full of happy, smiling, excited people who cheered every little announcement and laughed at every silly joke and I loved it. It was refreshing.

Watching Blizzcon got me super pumped for the next expansion, even if it is still a long ways off. And seeing all of these announcements with my own eyes helped me make my own opinions about them, rather than reading about them second-hand from a fan site and picking up the author or columnist’s opinions. No matter how hard we try, we infuse everything we write with our own feelings, and I wanted to see these new features without having someone else’s opinion taint my own. The result? I’m psyched.

But moving on. I made some predictions. Let’s see how I did.

A New Race
Nope. Not in this expansion, apparently. I’m sort of surprised, and sort of not. We are going to Draenor and their two major races are already playable. But wouldn’t it be cool to see arakkoa or another indigenous race made playable? Then again, these aren’t the arakkoa we knew in Outland…regardless, I’m sad that we will see neither a new race nor a new class this expansion, because I love the possibilities they bring to the game play.

Ten New Levels
Spot on! Though we can all agree that was pretty obvious. I’m happy to see ten levels instead of five, maybe just for the nostalgia of Wrath and Burning Crusade eras.

A New Planet
Called it! So super excited to see Draenor in it’s prime before it was shattered. The art for the new zones looked incredible and I cannot wait to see them in person.

A Return to Old Lore
I wanted to see some of Azeroth’s already established names come back into play and I got it. So many orcs. Blackhand, Durotan, omg. So excited. I love orcs, no matter how many of them we keep running in to. The only orc I don’t like is Garrosh.

A New Profession
Nothing here. It was wishful thinking anyway. Then again, much of the expansion has yet to be announced. Maybe we will see a new secondary profession, or major overhauls to old ones?

Mobile Pet Battles
With everything that has been introduced with Warlord’s of Draenor, I have to admit what I was most looking forward to was something about a mobile version of our pet battle system. I was disappointed that there wasn’t an exclusively pet battles panel (and very much aware of why that wouldn’t happen) but somewhere towards the end of the second day, a fan asked a question that mirrored my own heart: what about mobile pet battles? And Cory Stockton, my favoritest person ever, gave the best answer he possibly could: we think it would be awesome, we want to do it and we’re looking in to it, but it’s not in the works yet. Rest assured that if this ever makes it off the drawing board and to an iPad near you, I will be the happiest person alive.

An Updated Transmog System
Another fan asked this question, and while I can’t find it right now for a quote the answer was basically that they’re looking for better ways to do the transmog system in WoW, and they almost announced it at Blizzcon but didn’t want another Dance Studio debacle should they be forced to scrap those plans. I am begging on bended knee for a system like the upcoming Diablo 3 system.

New Character Models
There really was no chance this wasn’t going to be announced. It’s a major draw for many people. One of my friends who quit WoW back in Cata saw the new models and announced she wanted to play again (for reasons more numerous than that, but it was a factor). I watched the art panel with my jaw on the floor. The new art for the character models is astonishing, folks. If you haven’t seen it for yourself yet, Google it. Now. Only a few races got the full preview at Blizzcon but the art panel revealed a bit of artwork for several other races. Undead males look terrifyingly awesome and male tauren, always one of my favorites, just look incredible. I’m hopeful that male night elves will blow me away as well, because after so many years playing a blobby, muscle-bound mutant with Christmas hams for thighs and hips like a prepubescent boy, I’d love a change.

The Return of the Legion
Doesn’t look like they’re involved in this expansion, but that’s alright. Orc clans make me just as happy.

Stuff I Didn’t Predict
Player housing was one of those features I didn’t think we’d ever see. The farm at Halfhill was a step in the right direction but seemed to be so lacking I figured it would be a long time before we ever saw anything close to real housing. And I was wrong. Garrisons look like the most intriguing feature so far in this new expansion and I can’t wait to get my hands on them and start building, tinkering, and generally spending far too much time improving my own little plot of land. I’m also excited to poke at the pet battle portion of the garrison, which was touched on briefly during the panels. Breeding my own battle pets? Alright, I’ll bite. That could be fun.

As we learn more about Warlords of Draenor over the coming months, I’m certain this excitement won’t wane. But I feel it is important to remember that we’re still playing Mists of Pandaria, and we ought to be enjoying what is in front of us just as much. So I’m gonna hop back in to the beautiful world we have to play in right now and get started on all the things I want to get done before Warlords launches. See you guys in Azeroth!

PS: I yelled obscenities at the TV screen when they announced that Garrosh would escape before his trial and flee to Draenor. I’m not ashamed of it. That fucker should have been beheaded, end of story.


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  1. I am so terribly excited as well, and I remember watching the Virtual Stream and thinking back to your post about the predictions and how many were in fact correct… maybe everything we’ve wanted is coming true! My bf called the escape of Garrosh prior to the announcement and that he’d flee or be taken back to Draenor… his response was Yep, I work for Blizzard… he wishes! Hahaha 😛

  2. (ok, so i know this is like, almost a month old now, but igoogle went away and i forgot that i followed blogs until you said something on the faceybooks; but anyway…)

    i’m totally excited about all of the new things, but most importantly, the update to inventory, and even better – THE TOY BOX!! finally, blizz has heard my cries about all the fun stuff i can’t just leave sitting in my gbank! i need stuff to click on while we’re waiting for the derpy tank to catch up or the queue to pop!

    ten levels is a lot; especially if you’re like me and plan on getting all races to level cap. kind of daunting, but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

    one thing that i would really like to see with the player housing, a really epic backyard for all my companion pets to run around in! 😀

    also, i just wanted to let you know that your description of the current male nelf model got a pretty good legit lol! 😛

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