So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye…

I feel kinda crappy that Ghostcrawler is leaving Blizzard. If you hadn’t heard the news by now, crawl out from under your rock once in a while. When I read the news on Mmo-champ, I thought it was a joke. It wasn’t. I am sad.

I wonder where the game is going now. Certainly it won’t crash and burn overnight after the great ghostly crab leaves. Anyone who claims to foresee the death of WoW over this is an overly dramatic idiot (and possibly drunk). The death of WoW. Pffff. I get so tired of hearing “this is the end of WoW!” over every fucking thing. The game’s still here.

I hope Ghostcrawler found something awesome to lend his talent to. He’s sorta been one of my favorite Blizzard people and I’m grumpy about his departure. I liked his interactions with the community, even when they got a bit snarky. I love snarky. I love a bit of bite. I have been watching too much Being Human.  /howl

It’s a sad thing to see him go. Whatever company he is moving on to is getting an amazing asset to their creative team. And I hope that whatever game he ends up working on, the community treats him a bit better than the WoW community did. He didn’t deserve half of the shit he got thrown at him. As a group, gamers seem to be some of the foulest human refuse ever to stink up the planet, and I am often times reluctant to identify myself publicly with them. Under no circumstance is it appropriate to send death threats to someone over the design direction of a computer game. End of story. Had those threats been sent to be I would either have broken down into a sobbing mess or killed someone…and it is probably for the best, then, that I am not a game designer.

I think WoW will be fine. That doesn’t stop me from sulking a little bit, though. So long, wonderful crab. I hope everything goes wonderfully with your new job. I hope the community is warm and welcoming and full of bright, intelligent, passionate gamers with a bit more courtesy and common sense than you’re used to. I hope your game is a success and your new team loves you as much as your old one surely did.

I’m still excited for Warlords of Draenor. And every time I see a holy priest from now on, I’m gonna wonder.


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