Iron Man Challenge: Bloodmyst Isle Edition

I took my little Iron Man girl through the quests on Azuremyst and part of Bloodmyst yesterday. So far it has been smooth sailing and I haven’t noticed any real issued leveling up. Admittedly I am still at a very low level and I expect it to get more difficult as my lack of gear catches up to me.

I decided to make these Iron Man posts a photo diary of what I have been up to, so I turned my graphic settings up to ultra for a lot of these screenshots. Despite my attempts to actually make this a visually interesting blog post, WordPress insists on eating my posts…the best thing I can find is that they are exceeding the invisible limit on how much memory can be used in one post, so the photos will be small. Click on them to see the high-res version. Some of them are actually worth it.

We start with Azuremyst.


I was level 13 by the time I left this pretty blue island. This time around I caught some stuff I had never seen before. Like this guy:

How's it hangin', buddy?

How’s it hangin’, buddy?

Where did the furbolg find a tauren? Why did they kill him? Why is his head hanging here? And why is it 10 times larger than any other tauren head out there? Questions need answers, but I had better things to do than to grill the friendly furbolg chieftain about his decapitation habits.

WoWScrnShot_121413_145223I decided to tame this ravager, because it was pretty and I am a whore for pets. So I handed my faithful moth, Fluttershy, over to the stable master and ran off to tame the guy in the cage. I felt uncomfortably naked running without a pet but I survived it just fine. I named her Chrysalis after a My Little Pony villain because for some reason all my pets must be named after that show.

Chrys and I said farewell to the furbolgs and ran off to Bloodmyst Isle. I haven’t been here in ages.


I don’t know why they call it Bloodmyst or Azuremyst. There is no mist. Anyway. Bloodmyst is one of those places where I used to die a lot back in the day. Mostly thanks to this place:


I thought I would be fine, you know, since I am a better player now than I was back in BC. Nope! I sent my ravager in to kill one measly elf and ten more piled in on top. Chrys died in two seconds flat and the elves chased me off. I screamed like a little bitch, popped Gift of the Naaru and somehow managed to survive. I don’t think I will be coming back here for a few levels. Stupid elves.


I almost ended up like this guy. It’s a grim reminder that you can totally die at these low levels if you’re clumsy or distracted. Or if murlocs were involved. And they totally were. Rest in peace, dude.

I’ll leave you with a picture of a tree and some crystals. Trystals? And a grumpy ent dude who is probably a relative of Sylv’s.




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