Iron Man Challenge: Winter Veil Edition

A very merry Winter Veil to all of my friends in Azeroth. Hopefully the presents under the tree treated you well this year (and if you get an extra Rotten Little Helper, consider donating him to your friendly neighborhood druid!)

I’ve spent some time away from the game recently as real life holidays colluded to suck up all my time. After Thanksgiving I got a new job, and as I settle into the new routine in addition to the commute time, I find myself lacking a lot of energy. Christmas came and was very fun for all involved with tons of presents, laughter, family, baking, and farm-raised hams. No store bought pigs in this house, oh goodness no. We slaughter them ourselves!

My work schedule is slowly becoming more normal as holiday hours come to an end. And as I unwind from the holiday rush (whyyy do I always leave my shopping til the last minute?!) I will have more time to do leisure activities – like play WoW!

Today I took a little bit of time after a night out with my family for Mom’s birthday (29 again this year. Soon I’ll be older than she is) and did some of the holiday festivities on my little Iron Man girl. Iarann packed her bags and left the dusty canyons of Stonetalon behind for the trip across the world to Ironforge.

First I had to get myself all the way to Rut’theran Village to take the boat to Stormwind.


After a long time at sea, I arrived in Stormwind Harbor. Iarann was greeted by a couple of lions decked out for the holidays.

Derp derp.

Derp derp.

This one is deadly serious about his gifts. You won’t be taking them from him.


I always loved Stormwind when it was decorated for the holidays. So many lights and trees and wreaths and revelers.

Season's Greetings from Iarann and Fluttershy!

Season’s Greetings from Iarann and Fluttershy!

From Stormwind we made an uneventful pilgrimage via the tram to Ironforge, the chilly stone bastion of Winter Veil. And dwarves. I didn’t get anything fun in my presents this time around 😦


Greatfather Winter is ugly close up. I guess it’s a dwarf thing.


After sitting in his lap (haha, yeah right) I decided to break into the local bank for more presents. Honestly, security there is a little lax.

More presents!

More presents!

Then it was off to the throne room to wish Whatsisface a merry Winter Veil. Instead I found evidence of a recent Horde raid, which just goes to show even holidays aren’t exempt from orc bloodlust.


Here’s a pretty tree. I tried to get a shot of the main tree by the bank but there were too many people in the way.


I decided to wander around Dun Morogh afterwards, just to see what decor they put up. That zone reminds me of Christmas year round anyway.

It's also really pretty.

It’s also really pretty.

There was a Christmas tree next to the inn that I don’t remember ever seeing before. It’s an entirely different model than any other tree this time of year.


After all that tromping around in the snow, I headed back inside for a pint and some holiday sweets. Don’t worry, I avoided the mistletoe like the plague.


Merry Christmas!







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