You Won’t Do That Again, Will You.

So I’m out in Dustwallow Marsh on my 90 hunter farming heavy leather, because transmog rules my life. Long story short, I made a kick-ass transmog set for her only to find out that the two key pieces I need are leatherworking only. I dropped mining, thanked the stars that I already had skinning, and now I’m working on leveling up leatherworking from scratch. Fun.

That took me to Dustwallow, which Wowhead commenters said was best for heavy leather. They’d be right. As I’m running around mindlessly killing beast after beast, raptor after raptor, dragonkin after dragonkin, I ran in to a level 62 blood elf flagged for PvP combat. Ooo.

Now, I’m not a complete asswipe. I left her alone. It’s not fun and it isn’t sportsman-like to pop someone who presents me no threat. I fully intended to let her go upon her merry way…

Until she committed one of my biggest pet peeves in WoW. I guess I’m kinda old school, but I believe in being courteous to other people. We all share this virtual world together and things are a lot more pleasant if we be kind and polite and don’t go out of our way to piss people off. So if I see someone fighting to get to a mining node, I don’t rush in and steal it from them while they fight. And if I end up running for an herb with someone else, I usually back off and let them have it. And I don’t ever run up and skin a corpse right out from under someone else who just killed it half a second ago. That’s just effing rude.

Apparently this blood elf didn’t get the memo. I’m standing right on top of the dead dragon and a split second after I loot it, the blood elf skins it. So I did a /rude to attempt to communicate my disdain and moved on, only to notice a few seconds later that the same corpse was still there, so apparently the elf realized her mistake and left the leather behind. As I’m running towards it to skin it myself, she pops back up, skins it, and mounts up to fly away. Oh hell no.

Did you know that a concussive shot fired from a level 90 hunter into a level 62 blood elf on her flying mount will one shot the blood elf and knock her ass back to earth? I did. Now so does she.

I think the moral of the story is: if you’re low level and flagged for combat, don’t be a dick to a level 90 minding their own business.



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  1. Oh, you have no idea how much that made me laugh. On occasion, I will have go go back to the Old Content to gather items as needed for a special leather-working project and there is always someone there that feels that it’s okay to pilfer the loot, so to speak. I’ve never been luck enough to find one “flagged” and stupid enough to do that – good for you. 😀

  2. I have one skinner at this point in time, mostly because it somehow gets me all OCD when I’m normally not. I CAN’T LEAVE ANYTHING UNSKINNED ON THE GROUND. IT’S JUST WRONG.

    So in this situation I totally would’ve been like, “Is he skinning that? Maybe? Is he walking away? Kind of? He’s shooting that other thing. Does that mean he’s done with this thing? I JUST CAN’T LEAVE IT LYING THERE UNSKINNED. I … I CAN’T … HOLD OUT … ANY LONGER! I MUST SKIN IT. AWWW CRAP he’s coming back. No wait, maybe he’s not? Well I guess he is. Um. Well. I’ll just skin this last one before I go …”

    Also, you can use the Hardened Shell to knock people down (and theoretically kill them from fall damage):

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