Iron Man Challenge: Dustwallow Marsh Edition

Our next stop in Iarann’s Iron Man World Tour is Dustwallow Marsh. It may not be green and splendid or beautiful and airy, but it has a certain amount of old-world charm to it. Dustwallow used to be a favorite zone of mine to level in pre-Cataclysm. I’m not sure why. It was dark and ugly and boring.

It’s still dark and ugly, but it’s far from boring. The revamp added dozens of new quests that touch on the old story lines we came to know and (sort of) love: deserters in Theramore, the haunted house in the swamp, the Grimtotem clan, and the black dragon presence in the south.

I chose Dustwallow over Thousand Needles because it was a) closer and b) more likely to provide interesting screen shots. This is, after all, a photo journal of my attempts to make it to 90 without dying. So let’s get started!

I thought this was blown to bits?

I thought this was blown to bits?

Our journey began in Theramore, proud home of Jaina and her endless thinking. Somehow it’s still here, even though it was canonically blown to smithereens, but whatever. It had numerous quests for me right inside its gates, which is awesome because I can’t possibly die while delivering quests back and forth in a major city…right? But after shaming deserters, killing pirates, and pestering various NPCs, I had to head out into the swamps. It was a dark and dismal world beyond those stone walls.


Since I’m trying so hard not to die, I try not to get acquainted with graveyards. Bad juju, and all. This graveyard was part of a quest chain, however, and I saw more of it than I would have liked.

The swamp may be dark, and it may smell a little bit like a small animal died in a gym bag, but it has it’s beauty.


It also has its dark side. Apparently there is some sort of demon lurking in the waterways, because poor Jarl and his house are possessed. I did my best to take care of the issue, but he’s probably going to be crazy the rest of his life. And with a face like this haunting your dreams, it’s hard not to be.



Thankfully it wasn’t all demons. I got a break from the murk and the marsh when Jaina tasked me with flying over Alcaz Island.


And I thought, sure, why the hell not. It’s free experience points and I don’t have to do anything but sit on a gryphon. Alcaz Island remained the last subzone of Dustwallow that I didn’t get to explore for the achievement. Color me crazy, but I’m not going anywhere near that place. As far as I know, it’s covered in elite creatures too high level for my squishy ass to survive. So it remained smugly unexplored, sitting lush and tropical off in the distance.

I have no idea why I was asked to survey it. It used to be part of the “King Varian is missing oh whatever will we do!” quest line back in the original version of the game. But the king’s back and the island has no purpose anymore and I didn’t read the quest text. Oh well.

Upon returning to Theramore I was tasked with discovering what happened at the Shady Rest Inn, which is one of my favorite quests in the zone.

Do I have my murder mystery sunglasses? Check.

Do I have my murder mystery sunglasses? Check.


I got a little too close to the Horde encampment nearby for my own comfort. The last thing I want to do is die by accidentally running face first into a Horde guard! Their base also remained unexplored. I’m not dying for no achievement.

I ended up at Mudsprocket, a quaint little goblin establishment that reminds me oddly of Disneyland.


I had a near-mishap just outside of Mudsprocket, thanks in no small part to the add-on NPCscan and my own lust for rare blood. The add-on went off telling me Dart was nearby, and I didn’t question it because Dart is actually a rare raptor found in the zone. I could have sworn he was up in the northern part of the zone, but whatever. I set off to find and stab him. I finally found him, pulled out my bow to fire the first shot, and hesitated. Wait a second, I told myself. Why is he standing still? On the road? And why is his level showing up as a boss skull icon?

I’m glad I took a second to question these things, because I very nearly opened fire on a flagged level 90 horde hunter’s pet. Derp.

Moving right along. I got to poke some dragons in the eye, which is always fun.


I got kind of uneasy being so close to Onyxia’s lair, though. I know it’s illogical but I kept glancing over, afraid that she would suddenly erupt from her own raid portal and turn me into a greasy blue stain on the ground as penance for slaughtering her brood. So when I was tasked with planting a mocking banner outside the jaws of her lair and killing whatever showed up, I was a little on edge. This place would make any Iron Man feel a little weak in the knees.


I survived, though, with a score of dead dragons beneath my feet. I took my trusty raptor pet and my bow and hoofed it out of there, before anything huge and scaly could erupt out of the ground.

I tried to get a shot of both moons and smoke rising, but they wouldn't cooperate.

I tried to get a shot of both moons and smoke rising, but they wouldn’t cooperate.


One of the last things I was asked to do before fleeing Dustwallow’s humidity was to kill a few Grimtotem tauren and burn their camp to the ground. I’ve already expressed my love for the Grimtotem clan, and it makes me sad to exterminate them. But pay anyone enough gold and they’ll do what you ask.


I felt bad lighting these pretty totems on fire. Why can’t we be friends?

That’s pretty much it. I got a quest to head to Feralas, and that is where Iarann’s journey will pick up next time. Until then.



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  1. I stumbled across this blog looking up “Moonfang” event, and boy, am I glad I did. What a pleasure to read. You have a very engaging style, and I love hearing your thoughts and stories, as well as seeing your screenshots as you do your Ironman journey. I will be following with interest from now on. Thank you for writing!

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