Iron Man Challenge: Felwood Edition

I hit level 50 shortly after beginning Felwood, which was a nice surprise. Fifty levels of not dying! Woo!

Let’s get down to it, shall we.

Felwood is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a scenic place. It is, however, an interesting one.


I have mixed feelings when it comes to Felwood. On the one hand, it’s a neat zone. I like satyrs and corruption and the furbolg. On the other, this is the zone that ruined my warlock for me back in the early days of WoW. I had been slogging through the epic mount quest chain and it finally took me to Felwood, where I died a lot and spent way too much money. I was broke, frustrated, and eventually ended up deleting my warlock because of this quest chain. A lot has changed since then, but Felwood still reminds me of that.

Thankfully this time I saw it through the wide eyes of a level 50 hunter who had no ambitions of an epic demon mount. It was a lot more fun this time around.

We slaughtered furbolg:




We ran afoul of plenty of satyr:

And killed them, obviously.

And killed them, obviously.


And we got suitably lost inside a massive underground labyrinth that I remember dying in at least a dozen times back in the day. This time, thankfully, we survived with our dignity in tact. I won’t lie, though: entering tunnels like this makes me a wee bit uneasy as an Iron-Man challenger. Way too easy to end up in a bad spot, you know? And this particular cave was riddled with bad spots.

Like this one.




And this one.




It was, overall, a harrowing experience.


Yet we made it through. I ended up switching back to my trusty raptor because the wasp I tamed in Feralas seemed a tad too squishy. Eventually, I tamed a rare spawn Warpstalker to add to my menagerie and named him Rex, after the shape shifting lizard bad guy in My Little Pony.

With Rex by my side we made our way deeper into the corrupt forest. We encountered gigantic old tree dudes.

Gimme a kiss!

Gimme a kiss!


Smaller, creepier tree dudes.




And gigantic flaming infernals, whom we dispatched quickly to avoid being burnt to a crispy pile of Draenei ash.


Along the way, we discovered what it was like to enter another dimension:

It gets blurry. That's about it.

It gets blurry. That’s about it.

How to fight imps using the magical power of rainbows!




And what Illidan was doing in Felwood a zillion years ago.

Hint: he wasn't buying groceries.

Hint: he wasn’t buying groceries.


Along the way we also discovered some pretty awesome Night Elves who were dedicating their time to restoring the forest to its former grandeur. Nevermind that their leader turned out to be a satyr in disguise. That’s mostly irrelevant.


Fun fact: the ancient tree guardians here at this little Alliance base were level 90 neutral mobs. As in, had I accidentally right clicked one, I would have fired and arrow into its face and died horribly in approximately two seconds flat. I spent the majority of my time in this base very carefully keeping my mouse cursor NO WHERE NEAR these guards, just in case I bumped it and shot one of them. I have no clue why some sick, depraved developer decided to make them neutral and attackable, but it made my feeble little Iron-Man heart twist in my chest. So, if you find yourself in this region, be aware of that. I assume death is exceptionally swift when you are stomped flat by thirty foot tall level 90 tree.

After helping the elves cure some small part of the forest, we headed north, to quite possibly the coolest camp in the game.


This is Talonbranch Glade, and it is a Worgen outpost in the northern-most reaches of the forest. It’s a two-hundred-plus foot tall black tree with waterfalls cascading from it canopy and a shimmering, sparkling pool at its base. It has a cavernous area beneath its roots for NPCs to take up residence. If I could designate any place in the game as my home forever, it would be here. Somehow I don’t think this tree is an option when it comes to building your garrison, though. Sad times.

After finishing up some quests for the friendly furbolg in the north, Iarann and I said our farewells to Felwood. I’m glad I decided to stop by and see how it compared to the Felwood of old. It’s a more interesting, more engaging zone as a whole and it helped to alleviate some of those bad memories I had carried around in the back of my mind all these years.

Our next stop is some place a little drier and a little more arid, with golden sand dunes shifting under an endless blue sky. See you there!




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