After many months of waiting and wondering, Blizzard finally answered my geeky little gamer prayers: they connected my home server, Bloodhoof, to Duskwood.

This server, which I am titling Duskhoof (because Bloodwood sounds horrifying) shall now be the epicenter of my epic alt-leveling spree. This means I can level more alts in my home guild instead of having to make them on other servers. Hooray!

Fun fact: one of my oldest surviving alts is on Duskwood. She’s a night elf rogue I created back in 2005 (or possibly 2006) and she has sat at level 20ish ever since. I can’t decide if I should delete her or keep her. Decisions.

Altoholic, AWAY!

PS: Hello and welcome to all my new Duskhoof friends!


About Sylvestris

Gamer, nerd, book worm, baker.

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