Iron Man Challenge: Winterspring Edition

I just started reading Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and the first thing that popped into my head upon stepping foot into Winterspring was, “Winter is coming.”

The snow was a welcome change from the Tanaris desert. I have decided to hit up all of the level 55ish zones in order to level up past 60, so that when I hit Outland I’m not quite so low level. It seems prudent to me not to step into Hellfire at level 58. I could end up dead. And dead is bad.

Winterspring is first on the list. I always loved this zone. It’s quite breathtaking.


Much of the zone’s core quests remain the same. We still massacred countless furbolg for spirit beads. I remember grinding them endlessly for rep years ago.


This furbolg camp was no less busy now than it used to be years ago. It’s still overrun with reputation-seeking high level folk who think nothing of bullying low level players out of their way. I’m glad the quests here did not include “kill X amount of furbolg” because I would still be there trying to finish it.

Aside from fuzzy thong-wearing bear people, we also slaughtered a number of ghostly remnants of ancient elvish people. The lake in the center of the zone was full of them and their long-forgotten temples.


There was also the customary yeti killing, as expected.



Or rather, Rex killed yetis and I ran away screaming. Either way.

Food for thought: all those yetis live in one cave together. I never saw any toilets. That cave must stink.

Winterspring might be pretty, but its quests could use a little variation. The majority of them were the “kill a lot of this type of animal” quests, which I found very boring. It’s a real shame Iarann isn’t a skinner. We killed enough bears to fashion clothing for every NPC in Stormwind.


Part of my goal in taking all of these screenshots is to find things most people don’t see when they’re blazing through a zone. One of those things is this grotto, located in the north of the zone, accessible by a cave. None of my quests lead me here. I had to go find it all on my own. It’s kind of pretty, though there’s nothing really interesting here except a few owlkin and a very lost fox.


We made a trip up north to kill some frostsabers. This is where people used to spend months grinding rep for the frostsaber mount. I remember back in the early days of WoW there was a large cat (or two) who made his home beneath this rock. He was damn hard to kill. I don’t remember why I was trying to kill him, but my warlock couldn’t manage it.


Nowadays the place is mostly deserted, as the quests have changed and the old tiger I remember is now a rare spawn. He wasn’t there, or I might have tamed him to teach him a lesson.

The southern reaches of the zone are infested with elementals and owlkin. We had to kill a lot of both. Owlkin are some of my favorite mobs in the game. I think I read some piece of lore that stated that they were created by Elune to guard her most sacred areas. Supposedly they are very intelligent and serene, but a lot of them got corrupted and that’s why they attack us now.


I love the new elemental models they introduced in Cataclysm. I always thought they looked pretty, and slightly creepy.


It’s one of the Others.

By the time we were done in Winterspring, Iarann was level 59. We left the snow and the cold behind and traveled south to warmer climates. I have a feeling we will miss the cold very soon.

Bye bye, Winterfell. I mean, Winterspring.

Bye bye, Winterfell. I mean, Winterspring.


PS: You know the rule I have about not tabbing out or leaving the desk while working on the Iron Man Challenge? I broke that rule when someone knocked at my front door and left Iarann standing helplessly in the middle of a bunch of chimera. When I came back, all of two minutes later, Rex was dead and it’s a bloody miracle Iarann wasn’t dead too. Don’t leave your Iron Man character unattended!


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