Iron Man Challenge: Silithus Edition

After hitting level 60 in Un’Goro I decided to head directly into Silithus and get another level under my belt before heading to Outland. Lo and behold, another level became another few bars of experience, since apparently once you hit level 60 you stop earning any significant experience in old Azeroth. Bummer. I did Silithus anyway.

It’s not a very pretty zone, but it has been left unchanged since Cataclysm. Definitely a place to go if you want to wax nostalgic.


I tried to stay out of the various Silithid hives scattered across the desert, even going so far as to ignore rare spawns that happened to be down there. Those big twisty turny burrows just don’t fill me with warm fuzzy feelings, and the last thing I wanted was to get lost and overrun and end up dead like I used to back in the old days.

So we stuck to the surface world, though it wasn’t much prettier, and had just as many insects as any Silithid hive.


By the time we were done here I was sick of killing bugs. Spiders, scorpions, silithid, worms…no more. I’m done.

We changed things up by killing some cultists for good measure. I remember grinding these things for weeks back when the achievement and title systems were first introduced. I switched specs on my druid from resto to balance so I could run around and moonfire/hurricane large groups of cultists, because any self-respecting druid has to have the Guardian of Cenarius title.

The cave-dwelling cultists escaped most of my wrath, thanks to some unnamed player who ran in just before me and cleared the whole thing. I had to stand and wait for the named quest mob I was after to respawn, which took about 20 minutes longer than it should have. Seriously, they need to fix that.


After spelunking for cultists, we smashed more bugs.


And then we killed more bugs.


And finally we were rewarded with a quest to kill elementals, which was a nice change of pace. And scenery, because the whole northern part of the zone was much different than the rest.


Then we went back to killing more bugs.


Are you tired of bugs yet? I am. That’s all Silithus is about. That, and some random world PvP that I didn’t participate in for fear of being smushed like a bug myself by higher level Horde folk.

Aside from sand and bugs, there were these neat crystally thingies that I would like to know more about. Chiefly, what are they made of? If anyone says “bugs” I will scream.


Silithus must have, at some point, been a bit more biodiverse than its current incarnation. I found the remains of a massive serpent, but never the remains of a massive serpent’s den. The zone its self is too small to support more than one of these snakes. Where did they come from? Are the skeletons I mistook for “dragons” in Un’Goro the remains of a similar species? Was Silithus a jungle at some point? It’s possible that the zones we know as Un’Goro, Silithus and Feralas were all one zone at some point, years ago. Maybe the reason there are so damn many bugs is because the snakes that naturally preyed on them died out.


Mass extinction makes for a great photo op!

I took Iarann south so we could poke at the ruins of Ahn’Qiraj.


Even if standing in the shadow of the old gods made me a wee bit nervous for my health and safety. I was sure not to touch anything while we were so close to such a large gathering of murderous insectoids.

In my experience, touching anything that looks even remotely gong-like is a bad idea.

In my experience, touching anything that looks even remotely gong-like is a bad idea.


Whatever is going on in Silithus, I was glad to leave it behind. Thanks for joining me on this photographic tour of Kalimdor on my way to level 60, and I hope you’ll stick around to see what sort of trouble I get in to in Outland!



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