Monthly Archives: November 2014

Oh bebeh.

I would do shameful things to Maraad.

Dear sweet lord his voice is hot.


Happy Expansionmas!

It has been a long time since I last updated this blog. I got a new job three months ago that has zapped all my time and energy. I traded the quiet part-time hours of the library for the stress of a full time job working with foster youth, so my WoW time took a nose dive. But with Warlords launching and new things to see and do I have made the extra effort to return! A month or two off of WoW (though unintentional) was just what I needed.

I don’t have a spectacular post lined up though. Instead I have some random thoughts in no particular order:

I am stuck at work today instead of enjoying the expansion. Responsible adult life sucks ass. I want to be home playing Warlords. Instead I am sitting at my cubicle bored and annoyed. Ef this noise.

I almost stayed up to play at the midnight launch but then thought better of it. I have to function at work at least a little bit. This appears to have been a sound choice because I hear a lot of people had trouble with server crashes and errors and lag. So not my cup of tea.

I have a headache. Can’t decide if this means I need more coffee or less.

Garrisons look awesome. I have mostly avoided any information on them, primarily because I stopped playing WoW and therefore stopped reading about it. I should read a guide or something before I dive head first into construction.

I want to collect all the pets. RIGHT NOW.

I have a feeling that I am gonna get left behind and left out because I can’t be online playing all day long.

The new toy box is awesome and appeals to my insane collecting addiction.

The new male night elf model is…not…what I wanted it to be. He runs fruity. Not sure what to think.

Maybe by the time I get home the kinks will be worked out, the servers will be stable, and I can play in peace.

I need Argi. So bad.

At level 100 I am going back and stomping Garrosh’s head until it resembles a pulverized watermelon.

I actually like the idea of a legendary ring.

I should probably get back to work. Enjoy the expansion!