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Kindness Isn’t Dead

A random nice person just gave me a gift wrapped present and an enchant while I was milling around on an alt in Stormwind.

Thanks, nice person! ❤ ❤


These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Of all the things I intended to do during Warlords, letting this blog stagnate wasn’t one of them. A lot of things converged on me since this expansion launched that just made blogging difficult, and the end result is that I haven’t logged in to post in a year. I doubt this has impacted anyone too terribly much, but for the record I apologize for the awful silence here at TPS. Let’s change it, shall we?

Howdy, y’all. I’m back!

Where the hell have I been? Well, among other things, I got hired full time around the same time as this expansion launched last fall. The result was a serious decrease in my available free time. Along with all the trappings of full time employment (increased levels of exhaustion, large amounts of stress, soul-sucking adult responsibility), I spend 8 hours a day sitting on my butt in front of a computer. When I get home from work, I don’t really want to do more of the same. My desktop has been generally neglected this past year, and so has WoW.

But I have been putting in a bit of time lately and I realized that despite my earlier lack of enthusiasm Warlords is pretty fun. Most people seem to agree that the leveling/questing experience through Draenor is some of the best Blizzard has ever developed, and I totally agree. I wanted to yap a bit about other things I love about this expansion, because I think people have talked to death all the things they hate. I’m sick of the negativity, and I think maybe most of you are, too.

Pet Battles!

When Mists of Pandaria first launched I was totally obsessed with pet battling. I ditched The Boy to run around the Jade Forest on my own, battling and taming and giggling to my heart’s content. My passion for battling has waned a little bit, but not enough to temper my enjoyment of pet collecting. I love that Warlords has introduced new forms of collecting and battling, such as the tamer dailies in your garrison, pet battle currencies, and the legendary pet challenges in Tanaan. I hope the developers continue to expound upon the pet battle stuff and give us new and creative ways to obtain and use our pets. It’s a big draw to the game for me, though I understand that it isn’t for everyone.


Between working full time, planning a wedding, and generally taking care of life things (dishes and laundry don’t do themselves, the lazy bastards) I don’t have a lot of time for regular raiding. I also lack the desire, since my department deals with some of the worst specimens of humanity on a daily basis. I deal with shitty people at work daily; I don’t want to come home and deal with shitty people in a game I play for fun. So raiding is limited, and I really appreciate LFR for allowing me to see the content at my own pace and complete my legendary with minimal fuss.


I hope they keep up with Timewalking in further expansions. I’d love to see more dungeons unlocked, more rewards added, maybe more incentives to queue. They really scratch the nostalgia itch and I think they sort of fill the void left by the whole “Blizzard not giving us max level dungeons after launch” crap that makes me so mad I could just…mnnnfff…..


Yeah, I actually do enjoy garrisons quite a lot. I like having my own town to poke around in and customize and stuff. I like my guards and my followers and I even like my shipyard, though I could do without the exploding ship thing. I like naming my ships weird things and just generally screwing around doing a lot of nothing. Sometime before the expansion ends I will build the PvP building and then go smash faces. I usually PvP at the end of expansions and I love the titles you can get through the garrison stuff.


The collections interface has really made my life as a chronic hoarder better. The toy collection thing is really awesome. I actually use my toys now! I can’t wait for the new transmog system to go into place. It will alleviate my bag space issues considerably.

I suppose that’s about it. I’ll try to post more at some point, probably pet battle related. Enjoy yourselves, folks.