364 Days ‘Til Next Halloween…

I adore Halloween so much it might not be healthy. I like it more than Christmas and more than my own birthday. I love the spooky, scary, eerie, unnerving themes and the costumes and the atmosphere and the horror movies and the food. Oh goodness me, the food. I made pumpkin sugar cookies with a cinnamon glaze last night for our Halloween party and they’re delicious.

I love Hallow’s Eve in game, too. It is my favorite in-game holiday, which is no surprise at all. It feels the most polished and the most interactive. I like the updates they did to it this year for the garrisons. If possible my garrison will be Halloween themed for the rest of its existence. I caught the 3 new pets, got the new toys, did the new quests, did the old quests…ah, fun times. Next year I’ll work on getting the costumes that cost 200 tricky treats. I got the pet for 150 this year and that was enough candy gathering for me.

I hope everyone is having fun with the updated holiday! Hopefully we’ll see more improvements to future holidays this season. The in-game collections pane lists a new mount and pet for Christmas, so that’s promising. I’d like to see something new for Pilgrim’s Bounty, but I feel like that will probably get overlooked.

Enjoy the holiday season 🙂


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Gamer, nerd, book worm, baker.

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