Slayer of Sin’dorei

This is a really excellent time to be doing PvP. If you’re bored of your usual routine, consider checking yourself into a nice therapeutic battleground for an extended stay. Massacring the opposing faction and laughing over their ruined corpses is a wonderful way to ease tension, relieve stress, and reinvigorate yourself after too many wipes in Hellfire Citadel LFR.

Don’t forget to build the coliseum in your garrison (ugh, yes, garrison chores, I know) so you can work towards one of the many unique and laudable titles available only to the true PvP connoisseur. The coliseum also allows you to turn in bones that you get from PvP (you will get so damn many bones, good grief) for honor, conquest, and random PvP gear. You turn in the bones as work orders and get loot from a chest as the orders complete. It’s entirely random what you get.

Honor points can be used for other fun things besides purchasing season 3 gear! If you like transmog, you can purchase all the old PvP sets for honor from various vendors in Stormwind, Stormshield, and on the wall in Pandaria. Competing in Ashran alone will earn you a ton of honor, and the garrison building will dump bucketfulls into your bags (okay, your currency tab…) so you’ll want to keep spending it so you don’t cap and waste honor like I do all the time. You can also purchase Seals of Inevitable Fate (the bonus roll tokens) with honor from a vendor in Stormshield. I’ve been using the garrison building and Ashran to fund my Seals, plus purchase outdated PvP staves for transmog reasons. Also, if you’re a mount collector, there are PvP mounts available for honor in Stormwind/Orgrimmar.

So if you’re getting bored of the ridiculous end of expansion doldrums, consider giving PvP a try!


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