Once this business of ours in Draenor is concluded, I’d like to see Blizzard revise the travel options leading to and from Outland and Draenor. The current iteration of portals and teleports has become way too frustrating and convoluted.

For example, while leveling a shaman through Hellfire Peninsula, I encountered a quest asking me to head back to Nethergarde Keep for a bottle of booze. Pre-Draenor, that was easy. Head back to the Dark Portal, hop through, run to the keep, buy the booze, and hearth back to Honor Hold. Now, the Dark Portal takes your to Draenor even though you’re on Outland (I don’t think low levels can zone through, however), so you can’t get back to the Blasted Lands that way anymore. There are multiple portals to Stormwind next to the Dark Portal (why couldn’t one of those portals take you back to Nethergarde? Why do we need 2 Stormwind portals?), so you have to port there, then fly to Nethergarde Keep. Getting back isn’t any easier, either. The Dark Portal only leads to Draenor now, so unless you set your hearth to Honor Hold, you have to go BACK to Stormwind and port to Hellfire…even though there is a huge portal in Blasted Lands that should, by all reasonable means, take you to Outland.

It would be nice if, once we are done killing alternate universe orcs, we saw the Dark Portal close down and become a one-stop portal for either Outland or Draenor. If you’re not level 90, it ports you to Outland. If you’re in Hellfire, it ports you back to Blasted Lands. Why can’t it be that simple? I don’t like portal puzzles and I don’t like jumping through extraneous hoops to get where I’m going when logically it should be a straight shot.



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