On My Way to Mountacular

Over the last month or so, the Blazing Drake and the Azure Drake both dropped for me. Actually, the Azure dropped twice in one day, which made me a little sick. Deleting rare mounts was never my favorite feeling!

I was one drake away from Awake the Drakes, awarding the Emerald Drake mount, so I decided to take my alts to Malygos one at a time and see what happened. I used it as an excuse to log each level 100 in and clean up their bags, so I had a purpose other than farming a mount that wouldn’t drop.

Except it did.

Five characters in and the Blue Drake dropped for my rogue, awarding her two dragons and the achievement, and now Sylvestris soars across Draenor on the very druid-appropriate Emerald Drake mount. Hooray!


Maybe I should head over to ICC and see if my luck holds? 😀



About Sylvestris

Gamer, nerd, book worm, baker.

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