Rare Huntin’

Hey y’all. I’ve been spending some time recently trying to track down a few more mounts for my collection. As I inch my way closer to 250 mounts, I’m starting to run out of low hanging fruit – so to speak. I’m working on gathering up a few of the rarer mounts in Draenor and I decided to put my knowledge into guide form so maybe you can do the same.

A couple of things before I start slinging info at you:

This guide kind of assumes you have more than 1 level 100 character in the game. It’s totally doable if you don’t, but having multiple alts is super helpful when it comes to camping rare spawns across multiple zones.

This guide also assumes that you use the addons TomTom and NPCscan. It’s going to be hard to follow if you don’t, and any competent rare hunter should have them downloaded anyway. TomTom will let you set markers on your in-game map so you can easily see where things spawn and where to check, while NPCscan will alert you when it detects a rare. Essential. Get them.

On to the show.

This guide will give you the coordinates for both rare spawn points and portal spawn points for the Voidtalon of the Dark Star mount. So while you’re out searching for rare spawns, you can also check for the portal. Two birds with one stone!

Voidtalon of the Dark Star

This mount drops inside a scenario that you can only access if you find a very rare portal out in the world. The portal has a long spawn timer, despawns within only a few minutes of spawning, and can only be clicked by one person. It looks a little like a large purple mage portal and can be found in all 6 Draenor zones (excluding Tanaan). When clicked, it queues you for a solo scenario in which you loot an egg from the corpse of a large bird.

Mount Drops from Draenor Rares

There are 6 rare mobs in Draenor that will award you a mount when killed. The mount is a 100% drop for everyone who tagged the mob, so if you find one of these rares please consider inviting others to join in the kill!

A very major cautionary note: numerous accounts have lent credence to the idea that each server has multiple instances of each zone active at one time. That means that the rares you are looking for can spawn multiple times back to back on the same realm but in different phases. People have reported seeing the call for a rare spawn go up in general chat, only to fly to the location and not see anything there. Being invited to a group, however phased them to the correct version of their realm, and they were able to see the rare.

While I advocate inviting as many people as possible to kill these rares, I also feel obligated to point out that some people have experienced phasing issues when grouping with others, to the point where the rare spawn vanished from their view entirely. Be cautious when inviting others to a group especially if you are lower level, as the game seems to zone you to the higher level’s phase. If you’re nervous, remember that these rares can be tagged by multiple people, and you don’t actually need to be in a group to get your mount.

I’m going to cover each zone in Draenor and list the rare and the portal spawn points.

Shadowmoon Valley

Pathrunner spawns in Shadowmoon Valley on a timer of 5 to 16 hours. He is a large brown talbuk that paces in place where he spawns and drops the Swift Breezestrider mount. His spawn points roughly circle Embaari Village. The spawn coordinates are as follows:

/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 54.0 30.4
/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 43.0 32.2
/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 39.6 36.6
/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 44.6 43.8
/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 56.2 52.4
/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 45.8 68.2

Pathrunner’s spawn points coincide nicely with the spawn points for the Voidtalon portal around Socrethar’s Rise. If you’re circling around looking for Pathrunner, it’s easy enough to do a sweep for the portal in the same run. The portal spawn points as as follows:

/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 50.4 71.5
/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 49.6 71.6
/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 41.9 75.7
/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 48.7 69.9
/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 43.2 71.0
/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 50.7 72.5
/way Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor) 46.6 70.0

Spires of Arak

There is no known rare in Spires that drops a mount. There are void portals, however, and their coordinates are below.

/way Spires of Arak 47.0 20.0
/way Spires of Arak 50.4 6.10
/way Spires of Arak 60.8 11.2
/way Spires of Arak 36.5 18.2


Nagrand boasts two rares you can kill for mounts. The Ret Pally and I stumbled upon one our first time there, had no clue what it was, and were jazzed when it dropped a mount. I thought it was a ‘regular’ rare like all the rest!

Luk’hok is a large elekk that spawns east of the river in Nagrand, from the border with Talador up to the Throne of Elements. He drops the Mottled Meadowstomper, an elekk mount. His coordinates are as follows:

/way Nagrand(Draenor) 76.2 30.4
/way Nagrand(Draenor) 66.6 43.2
/way Nagrand(Draenor) 73 53.6
/way Nagrand(Draenor) 79.4 55.4
/way Nagrand(Draenor) 84.8 63.8

Second is Nakk the Thunderer, a clefthoof who spawns northwest of the river in Nagrand. He drops a clefthoof bull mount called Bloodhoof Bull. Both Luk’hok and Nakk have fairly long spawn times, somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-28 hours. Expect to spend a while camping if you want to see them. His spawn points are as follows:

/way Nagrand(Draenor) 62.8 15
/way Nagrand(Draenor) 64.8 20.6
/way Nagrand(Draenor) 60.4 31.2
/way Nagrand(Draenor) 50.4 34
/way Nagrand(Draenor) 54.8 35.6

Nakk’s spawn points line up well with the spawn points for the void portal, so if you’re in the area you might as well take a look for those as well. They spawn near the Mok’Gol Watchpost north of the river.

/way Nagrand(Draenor) 57.3 26.7
/way Nagrand(Draenor) 40.5 47.6
/way Nagrand(Draenor) 45.9 31.4

Frostfire Ridge

Gorok is an enormous boar that spawns all over Frostfire Ridge, so prepare to do some trekking. If you’re Alliance and you do not yet have Draenor flying, you will have to hoof it west through southern Gorgrond, following the path into the Iron Seigeworks to nab the flight path. Then, head northwest to the flight point at the Bloodmaul Slag Mines. Gorok drops a boar mount called the Great Greytusk. He spawns at the following locations on a 5-16 hour timer:

/way Frostfire Ridge 58.4 19.2
/way Frostfire Ridge 52.2 50.4
/way Frostfire Ridge 65 52.6
/way Frostfire Ridge 23 65.6
/way Frostfire Ridge 63.6 79.6

The void portal spawns within a stone’s throw of the Bloodmaul Slag Mines flight point. While you’re in the neighborhood, check out the following locations.

/way Frostfire Ridge 51.0 19.9
/way Frostfire Ridge 52.3 18.3
/way Frostfire Ridge 53.0 17.0
/way Frostfire Ridge 47.7 27.5


Gorgrond is home to Poundfist, this expansion’s version of Poseidus – an ultra rare mob with a long spawn timer. Poundfist can spawn only once or twice per week, as his spawn timer is estimated to be anywhere from 60-90 hours. He spawns throughout Gronn Canyon and up by the Iron Docks flight point. Given his rarity, I would highly suggest starting a raid so others can get the mount. He drops the coveted Sunhide Gronnling mount and can be found at the following points:

/way Gorgrond 40.1 26.4
/way Gorgrond 51.4 43.1
/way Gorgrond 45.4 47.5
/way Gorgrond 47 54.1
/way Gorgrond 43.2 55.5

The void portal spawn points are located just to the east of the majority of Poundfist’s spawn points, making them a convenient detour if you’re camping him.

/way Gorgrond 56.0 40.0
/way Gorgrond 51.6 38.8
/way Gorgrond 43.2 34.2
/way Gorgrond 54.0 45.0


Finally, Silthide spawns in the river system in Talador and drops the Sapphire Riverbeast mount. He spawns in the following locations on a 12-28 hour timer.

/way Talador 61.8 32.4
/way Talador 61.8 45.4
/way Talador 79.6 54.8
/way Talador 67.8 59.4
/way Talador 54.8 81.2

The void portals can spawn just north of Silthide’s stomping grounds, so you’ll want to swing by and check them out while you’re in the area.

/way Talador 47.0 48.0
/way Talador 39.7 55.4
/way Talador 51.9 41.2
/way Talador 46.2 52.6

This concludes the guide. A few pointers for rare hunters:

If you have a ton of high level alts (preferably level 100) park them each in a zone and log between them for an expedited process.

Try checking for rares and portals immediately after servers come online on Tuesdays. If you’re like me and you work a standard 8-5pm job, that’s easier said than done, but a lot of people have reported success this way.

If you’re experiencing latency issues, it helps if you stop in the area of each way point and wait for a few seconds for the game to “catch up.” I know sometimes I fly faster than my computer and latency can load the game, and mobs and objects won’t show up immediately on my screen. Pausing in the area and waiting might prevent you from flying right past something that didn’t get a chance to load.

Realm hopping is totally viable using the group finder tool. If you try to click a void portal while zoned to someone else’s realm, you will get an error message and be unable to access the scenario, but don’t panic. The mount will be sent to your in-game mail in a few minutes.

Best of luck 🙂





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