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Why do we even bother naming our characters? Ninety percent of the groups I’m in refer to each other as “healer” or “warrior” or what have you. The number of times my character has been called by his actual name can be counted on one hand.





One of my very favorite mounts from that expansion, and she’s finally mine.

Sylvestris the Death Stalker

Death Stalker is the best title ever and I am going to wear it for the rest of my days.

Unless I manage to get Warlord >_>

Timewalking Fail

Has anyone else been having significant issues running Timewalking dungeons below level 100?

Last weekend I took my level 78 fire mage through a couple, accompanied by my husband’s 78 rogue. Everyone else in the group was 100. We sucked horribly. Our DPS was definitely sub par, but we definitely didn’t have access to our entirely toolkit. A mage at level 78 is not running with the full set of abilities that a mage at level 100 has. I didn’t even have Time Warp. Finally about 3/4 of the way through the run the other DPS made a passive aggressive remark about the damage output of the group, which frustrated me because I literally cannot do any more damage than I already am. But I figure as long as the bosses died and we didn’t, there should be no grounds for complaining.

Today when I ran my warrior (level 94) through a Timewalking dungeon, we had a similar experience. The tank and the top dps raced ahead as fast as they could, pulled everything, mowed it all down in seconds flat, and basically left my husband and I in the dust. I couldnt keep up with the tank so I couldn’t attack anything, and it was pretty clear we weren’t needed anyway.

If the balance of Timewalking is in such a state that two dps characters are completely unneeded in a run, there is something wrong.

Did I miss something and Timewalking was changed to a 100s only event? Because running it below level 100 seems to be horribly mistuned, favoring 100s and giving sub 100s the short end of the stick.

If this is how the level scaling mechanic is going to work in Legion, I am immensely concerned.