If you have read even a few posts on this blog, you know I am an unrepentant altoholic. So it should come as no surprise that this post is about yet another new character of mine.

A little while back, I got the inexplicable urge to create a new warrior character, and because I somehow only recently noticed how awesome male Pandaren combat animations are, that is what I made him. His name is Bearbuns, and I’m not even remotely sorry.

I always thought the Wandering Isle was gorgeous. All the little details, all the little tidbits of Pandaren life, all the beautifully colorful scenery. I took some screenshots because I don’t think people slow down enough anymore to notice some of the cool stuff, and I wanted to take the time to explore and enjoy myself rather than blasting through the quests as fast as possible. I always feel a sense of loss when I’m forced to choose a side and leave the Isle forever, even though I know I can always roll a new character if I want to go back and explore.


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