My new computer LIVES!

A good friend of mine built it a few nights ago with my husband acting as his assistant. It took one evening and countless vulgarities to build, but it went together flawlessly and it’s simply gorgeous. Am I the only one who things sleek new technology is gorgeous? Probably not.

The real issue was getting an operating system on it. I have Windows 7 on my old computer and it has been nagging me to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, but I refused since a) I expected to ditch that computer anyway and b) I tend to resist change.

So my husband managed to download the upgrade onto a thumb drive, which then failed to operate as a boot disk for some reason. After a day or two of setbacks and delays and general frustration and grumpiness on my part my husband was able to contact Windows support and get the whole thing working. I think the issue was that my existing computer was somehow lacking a Windows product key, which was necessary to boot up the new Windows 10. Customer support eventually gave him a key for free. Don’t know how he managed that, but it worked out. And now I have a brand spanking new top of the line gaming computer!

…with nothing on it. I’m working on that. Downloading my entire game library from Steam and Blizzard is no small task.

Next on the list of exciting things to spend money on: a new keyboard and gaming mouse, and a new monitor.

I seriously cannot wait to play WoW on this thing. Download fasssteeerrrr….


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