Monthly Archives: October 2016

Getting Ahead of Myself

While running my umpteenth alt through the Icecrown/Trial of the Crusader/Ulduar gauntlet today for the new pets, I had a nice little surprise drop from Yogg.


I never bothered to farm for this mount because I don’t particularly care for it, so I was really surprised to see it. It took me a second to register what it was, and I was bummed it wasn’t the pet!

Of course that didn’t stop me from taking a screen shot and sending it to my husband at work, because he has farmed for it and I enjoy making him suffer.

Are you guys running Wrath raids for pets? Get anything good? Duplicate pets sell for about 10k on my server; it’s incentive enough to keep trying.


Loving It

I fully intended a much more robust update schedule for the past month, and then got totally, utterly and completely absorbed in Legion.

I am really just stunned at how beautiful and emotional this whole expansion story line has been, and we’ve only just begun. The writing team has outdone themselves creating the story lines for each zone, and the art team ought to win some sort of award for Suramar City alone. Have you seen that place yet? The amount of detail is staggering.

I played through every zone in its entirety on my druid, and I’m loving feral spec so much more than ever before – especially with all the new models and skins for cat form. I am close to getting my hidden artifact appearance, owlcat form, and I am going to be so heartbroken when I have to leave behind all my beautiful new druid forms after this expansion has played out. How can I ever go back to boring old night elf cat form?

And once I unlocked World Quests, well, that pretty much did in my free time. I really love this new system of ever-changing quest options out in the world. I even enjoy grouping up for the harder ones.

The only drawback I can see – and it really isn’t a drawback at all to be honest – is that there is so much to do on my druid that I haven’t really touched my army of alts yet. Several of them have gone through the Broken Shore scenario, watched Dalaran blink across the continent, and established their class halls. But they’re all just sitting there, fiddling with their shiny new artifacts, waiting patiently for me to grow bored of my druid.

Except I don’t think I will.

Hope you all have been enjoying this new expansion as much as I have. When I finally get my hands on owlcat form, I will be posting a guide with the details of my experience. Happy demon killing, guys 🙂