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Time for an Update?

Not a blog update. A graphics update. Maybe.

I’d like to see Blizzard go back through the older zones in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms and bring them into this decade as far as graphics go. I just flew through Arathi Highlands and ugh, it’s showing it’s age especially when viewed from the air. It just looked so…barren.

If they could go through and bring the most recent textures and models to the older zones it would go a long way to breathing life into them again. Look at a tree from Goldshire versus a tree from Azsuna and the different is staggering. A slight redesign without sacrificing the nostalgic value of the zones would be nice.

I know it’s not a simple undertaking, and I know that time and effort is better spent on new content rather than old, but reviving the world we have loved for more than ten years and showing it a little TLC would be marvelous.



Trial By Fel Fire

Prior to patch 7.2 I had 249 mounts. I was working on number 250  for the achievement when 7.2 hit, and when I logged in I saw I suddenly had 248 mounts. I logged into my demon hunter (with the class mount) and my hunter (with a leather working mount) to see if that would shake things loose. Alas, I was stuck at 248 mounts, with no idea which one got lost in the shuffle.

Yesterday I finally completed Glory of the Draenor Hero, after letting it go for a long time. I got stuck doing the achievement in the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds where you have to step on the runes during the Saldana fight, and the achievement in Upper Blackrock Spire where you have to kill the Orebender without allowing him to cast a certain spell 4 times. Well, as a fresh 110 a few months back I did not have the required DPS to kill the Orebender, and I tried the other achievement several times without success. Fast forward to now, at a decent ilevel, and I was able to kill Orebender with help in a couple seconds flat, and finally got the Saldana achievement (turns out I was stepping on the wrong runes), and got the boar mount for my troubles. It should have been mount number 249.

Nope. My counter still read 248.

Last night I logged into my warlock, who is a tailor with several magic carpets, and boom!


Took me long enough.