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For Honor

I’ve been silent a long time, but this pre-patch business is giving me major feels right now guys.

Quick preface: back in December of 2017 I quit my job and moved to a new apartment within the same week. Due to a number of other compounding factors which I won’t get in to right now, I ended up depressed and pretty much crippled with anxiety. I more or less stopped playing WoW for several months aside from the occasional log in to poke at the mission board. Long story short, I’m doing a whole lot better now and I’m back to doing the things I love. One of those things, obviously, is World of Warcraft. I came back in time to wrap up the expansion just before the pre-patch dropped on my head.

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I was well aware that the Horde would be burning Teldrassil. It was kind of hard to avoid that particular plot point. Still, as a long-time Night Elf druid, it was a bitter pill to swallow. Teldrassil is where my journey as Sylv began so many years ago. Seeing it burn to ash is rough.

But even if I’m peeved at the canonical loss of our world tree, I’m going to admit that I love the story so far. I love Sylvanas’ role as a morally questionable warchief. I love the ruthlessness of her tactics. I did the quests on both Horde and Alliance side and they both made sense to me. I don’t have to like something for it to make sense. I don’t have to like that the Horde invaded Sylv’s homeland and burned Teldrassil to admit that it makes sense in a tactical sort of way. It’s not a question of “was Sylvanas right to burn the tree?” It’s a matter of “was it a sound war tactic to do so?” And yes. I think it was.

This brings us to Varok Saurfang. I love him. I’ve loved him since Icecrown Citadel when he retrieved the body of his son after we killed him. Saurfang stands for the Horde I remember when I first started playing WoW, many many eons ago. There is a sense of honor and duty that Sylvanas and her henchmen lack. I think this creates a fascinating dichotomy within the Horde. One one hand we have the warchief and leader of the Horde committing what could easily be described as atrocities, if not outright war crimes; on the other, we have the old school Horde, Thrall’s Horde, bound by a sense of honor and a code of conduct that Sylvanas does not adhere to. It’s an interesting bipolarity and I’m excited to see how it plays out further into the new expansion.

Sylvanas serves Sylvanas and the Forsaken. Sylvanas does not serve the Horde. Her people are a member of the Horde out of necessity, and I would argue that the Forsaken do not hold the Horde or its citizens in very high regard. A Forsaken’s definition of loyalty is limited to their own kind and their own preservation. I don’t think you will catch a Forsaken throwing down their life to defend a Tauren, or an orc. Here we have a warchief whose sole motivation is preserving her own people and their way of (un)life. I think this bias is going to come out during the BfA expansion and will ignite resistance among the rest of the Horde’s people. We’ve already seen a tiny flicker of resistance from Saurfang in the cinematic. Will he continue to serve and fight alongside a banshee queen who spits on the code of honor he follows? I doubt it.

I’m an unapologetic Sylvanas fan girl, don’t get me wrong, but right now my heart is rooting for Saurfang, for the orcs, for the old Horde that bleeds honor and valor in combat. For honor.

For the Horde.

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Demon Hunting

If I wasn’t so invested in my druid, I would switch my main to demon hunter ‘cuz this is the most fun I’ve had playing a melee character in a long time.

It has the crazy flashy blade thing I like, enough self healing that I don’t tend to die easily, and the movement is just something else. Double jump, dash forward, jump off ALL THE THINGS and glide safely down – it’s awesome. I tend to jump off any object event two inches off the ground and then glide unnecessarily six feet forward. It’s so. Much. Fun.

I ran every LFR wing yesterday on my demon hunter. My DPS was probably embarrassing but I uninstalled Recount a while ago and couldn’t care less.She’s now my second 110 character and geared enough to run Nighthold and I’m really enjoying the whole demon hunter thing.

Meanwhile, my druid has become a PvP fiend, healed his way through his first PUG’d Emerald Nightmare, and is close to getting 250 mounts. So it’s been a good run all around, I think. Hopefully after the reset on Tuesday I can get the last of my corrupted essences for the artifact appearance quest, finish getting the Lothien Prowler mount (which puts me at 249 mounts), purchase my 250th mount, and call it good.

Diablo’s 20th Anniversary

**UPDATE: I just noticed that Diablo III and Reaper of Souls are indeed on sale in the Blizzard store, but the digital deluxe version (the one I want, because WoW pet) is not. Crap.**


I’m a huge fan of Diablo III. I got it for free back when Blizzard was offering it as incentive to sign up for a year of WoW, and I loved it the moment I started playing. Even so, it’s rare that I pick it up anymore, and I never actually did defeat the final boss. I don’t even own Reaper of Souls, but once in a long while I get the urge to slaughter massive amounts of demons, and there’s no better game for such a craving.

So I was excited to hear that Blizzard was doing a multi-game event to celebrate 20 years of Diablo. Twenty years of any video game franchise is a feat to be admired, honestly.

But I guess I was expecting a bit…more? This might be my own fault: though I own all Blizzard titles except Overwatch and StarCraft, I don’t really play anything but WoW except once in a blue moon. I love Diablo, Heroes of the Storm is a blast, and Hearthstone held my attention for a week or two, but my main squeeze is and always will be World of Warcraft. I think Blizzard intended the event to be cumulative across all titles, and since I don’t play all titles, I’m only seeing a small part of it.

The Diablo anniversary event in Warcraft feels lackluster to me. Kill a couple of treasure goblins, kill the Cow King, the end. For 20 years of a successful franchise, I expected a lot more. Demonic invasions (it fits in so well with the Legion theme!), Diablo himself, the angels popping up occasionally to help out, maybe a mount or a pet exclusive to the event.

Instead, I spent a few hours in the Underbelly of Dalaran, killed 5 or 6 treasure goblins to collect the scroll thingies to make the toy, killed the Cow King once, and…now I’m done. End of event. It’s a little bit of a let down.

I was also hoping to see Reaper of Souls go on sale to celebrate so I could justify buying it with my Christmas money. I don’t think it even went on sale for the holidays, so I was doubly disappointed when it did not get marked down for its own anniversary.

The only true saving grace is going to the secret cow level and hearing the cows yell MOO! in a very angry human voice.


I broke down and bought a BlizzCon virtual ticket the day BlizzCon began, so I could binge watch the panels over the weekend.

Of course I’m still sifting through all the videos in the archive, but I’m pretty happy overall with the convention this year. They managed to bring us some awesome stuff despite no new expansion announcement. Number one on my list of cool stuff I can’t wait for is the new bear form coming at some point in the future. I mean look at this thing!

That’s amazing! WEREBEAR! This is gonna get Sylv back into the tanking game, which he hasn’t touched since the end of Warlords. The ghostly cat form looks amazing, too, but it’s really just a spectral variant of the forms we already have. The werebear is totally new and totally wicked and you can bet I’m gonna put in the time and effort to get it. I’m glad it has been announced as a solo adventure for druids – I’m less and less interested in grouping with people these days.

The announcement of Argus in a future Legion patch is really intriguing to me. We have zero information about it other that it’s Argus and it will be an outdoor questing zone. I assume it will follow along the same lines of the Timeless Isle and Tanaan Jungle, with a large zone devoted to questing, reputation grinding, and storytelling. I really can’t wait to hear more about it.

It was a great BlizzCon, but I did feel that Chris Metzen’s presence was sorely missed. His personal brand of hype and excitement was definitely lacking during the opening ceremony. None of the other developers have quite his energy or genuine enthusiasm, or his ability to fire up a crowd. I hope his retirement has treated him well; he has certainly earned it.

I hope you’re all enjoying the post-BlizzCon lull. We have a lot of neat stuff coming soon to the game!




Loving It

I fully intended a much more robust update schedule for the past month, and then got totally, utterly and completely absorbed in Legion.

I am really just stunned at how beautiful and emotional this whole expansion story line has been, and we’ve only just begun. The writing team has outdone themselves creating the story lines for each zone, and the art team ought to win some sort of award for Suramar City alone. Have you seen that place yet? The amount of detail is staggering.

I played through every zone in its entirety on my druid, and I’m loving feral spec so much more than ever before – especially with all the new models and skins for cat form. I am close to getting my hidden artifact appearance, owlcat form, and I am going to be so heartbroken when I have to leave behind all my beautiful new druid forms after this expansion has played out. How can I ever go back to boring old night elf cat form?

And once I unlocked World Quests, well, that pretty much did in my free time. I really love this new system of ever-changing quest options out in the world. I even enjoy grouping up for the harder ones.

The only drawback I can see – and it really isn’t a drawback at all to be honest – is that there is so much to do on my druid that I haven’t really touched my army of alts yet. Several of them have gone through the Broken Shore scenario, watched Dalaran blink across the continent, and established their class halls. But they’re all just sitting there, fiddling with their shiny new artifacts, waiting patiently for me to grow bored of my druid.

Except I don’t think I will.

Hope you all have been enjoying this new expansion as much as I have. When I finally get my hands on owlcat form, I will be posting a guide with the details of my experience. Happy demon killing, guys 🙂

Shamany Things

I just did the Shaman intro quests up to and including getting my hands on my very own Doomhammer.

It’s pretty amazing being handed the most iconic hammer in the game, by one of the most iconic lore figures, and asked to lead something as important as the Earthen Ring.

Even so, I really wish Thrall wouldn’t pass the reins off to me with his blessing…the last time he did that, the person he left in charged caused an issue.

Expansionmas Eve

Merry Expansionmas, everyone!

I work the standard 8-5pm shift Monday through Friday, so unfortunately I will not be joining in on the midnight launch festivities. BUT! I am off at 2pm tomorrow, even though I have a Dr’s appointment which will likely put me home about my usual time anyway…

My husband will also be working, and he works odd hours, so the likelihood of us playing together at launch is pretty much nil. We have leveled together since the Cataclysm release, so not venturing into the Broken Isles with him tomorrow feels oddly lonely.

Still, I cannot wait to get home tomorrow, whip up a meal, and go to town in the Broken Isles! I am spending tonight getting a few last minute items from invasions before they vanish for good. I need a few more weapons to round out my transmog collection, and last night I spent some time getting access to the toys Horde-side by leveling up my Blood elf paladin. Tonight is all about getting my mage to 100 through invasions, grabbing a few weapons, and then getting my affairs in order for tomorrow.

Enjoy your last evening before the big expansion!

One Moose, Two Meese



I want to give a very sincere thank-you to the folks at <Convert to Raid> on Aerie Peak US for allowing me to tag along during raid night. I hope I was not too much of a detriment to your raid team.

I also want to send along my gratitude to Zelse, the driving force behind the Friendship Moose project. Although I did not manage to get into one of Zelse’s carry runs, I am deeply grateful and humbled by just how selflessly he is helping the community. He and his carriers have donated hundreds of hours of their own time towards coordinating moose runs for people and ask for nothing in return. So if you’re still trying to get the mount before Legion, check out for details.

I can finally say I am entirely ready for this expansion. Bring on the demons!


I have been buying myself a virtual BlizzCon ticket every year for a few years now. It’s so much fun! I can’t watch in real time, so I come home and watch the panels after work, but that’s fine. It’s still a great experience to plop on the couch with food and flip through the panels at my leisure.

No joke, the big reason I order the tickets is for the little in-game pet. Some day I would love to attend the con in person – I live in California, and not horribly far from the convention center. I think it’s about a 5 hour drive. It’s just cost prohibitive to rent a hotel and pay for the tickets. Some day, though. It’s a goal.

But with Legion launching before BlizzCon this year, I’m not sure what WoW news will be revealed. A BlizzCon without WoW news leaves me…almost nothing to watch.

I love Diablo but I haven’t played in years. I don’t even own the expansion. I liked Hearthstone well enough but I stopped playing after I got the WoW mount. I’m just no good at it. And I have a blast playing Heroes, but…again, it’s one of those things I don’t put a lot of time into. WoW is my main squeeze – what’s going to draw my attention at BlizzCon if the major WoW event of the year has already passed?

So do I plunk down $40 on a virtual ticket for the pet, knowing that the panels this year will be less than interesting to me, or do I skip it and feel left out and petless?

What if they DO announce something WoW-related and amazing? What if they drop a big WoW-sized bomb on us? With the new Legion expansion and the (kind of) successful WoW movie that recently released, they’d be nuts not to have something WoW-related lined up to reveal at the con.

I’m hoping for something cool, like patch info or some big reveal we haven’t sniffed out yet from datamining. But I’m not super hopeful. What is going to be the draw this year? The movie is already out, Legion will already be out…how will they get our attention?

I’m still debating buying the ticket and finding out for myself.


My new computer LIVES!

A good friend of mine built it a few nights ago with my husband acting as his assistant. It took one evening and countless vulgarities to build, but it went together flawlessly and it’s simply gorgeous. Am I the only one who things sleek new technology is gorgeous? Probably not.

The real issue was getting an operating system on it. I have Windows 7 on my old computer and it has been nagging me to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, but I refused since a) I expected to ditch that computer anyway and b) I tend to resist change.

So my husband managed to download the upgrade onto a thumb drive, which then failed to operate as a boot disk for some reason. After a day or two of setbacks and delays and general frustration and grumpiness on my part my husband was able to contact Windows support and get the whole thing working. I think the issue was that my existing computer was somehow lacking a Windows product key, which was necessary to boot up the new Windows 10. Customer support eventually gave him a key for free. Don’t know how he managed that, but it worked out. And now I have a brand spanking new top of the line gaming computer!

…with nothing on it. I’m working on that. Downloading my entire game library from Steam and Blizzard is no small task.

Next on the list of exciting things to spend money on: a new keyboard and gaming mouse, and a new monitor.

I seriously cannot wait to play WoW on this thing. Download fasssteeerrrr….