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On My Way to Mountacular

Over the last month or so, the Blazing Drake and the Azure Drake both dropped for me. Actually, the Azure dropped twice in one day, which made me a little sick. Deleting rare mounts was never my favorite feeling!

I was one drake away from Awake the Drakes, awarding the Emerald Drake mount, so I decided to take my alts to Malygos one at a time and see what happened. I used it as an excuse to log each level 100 in and clean up their bags, so I had a purpose other than farming a mount that wouldn’t drop.

Except it did.

Five characters in and the Blue Drake dropped for my rogue, awarding her two dragons and the achievement, and now Sylvestris soars across Draenor on the very druid-appropriate Emerald Drake mount. Hooray!


Maybe I should head over to ICC and see if my luck holds? 😀



Iron Man Challenge: Stonetalon Mountains Edition

With the holidays firmly behind us (and the memories of that one night we got smashed on eggnog in Darnassus…) I headed on to Stonetalon Mountains. Iarann has been dutifully plodding her way through quest after quest, all the while avoiding death to the best of her ability, and keeping to zones that are slightly beneath her level has paid off. Even so, you don’t know fear until you’ve leveled under the “no death” clause. Suddenly everything is terrifying: Horde troops, rare spawns, falling ten feet down a mountain side, suspiciously placed peacebloom…

The transition from shady, cool Ashenvale to arid, mountainous Stonetalon was a little jarring.


The scenery may have changed but the Horde presence remained the same. I got a little sick of them by the end of the zone. Having leveled through here as Horde once before, I sort of remember the story line, and Garrosh’s role in it. The Alliance side was not quite so compelling. Oh well.

Questing here took Iarann through many perils. We encountered my worst phobia in a little vale just off the path:



And this one, too, which I killed. Hard. With my bow. DIE. (Actually I was tempted to tame it but didn’t have the room.)




There was also this colossal fish which I took down with the help of several elven archers that I had freed from Horde cages earlier.


The perils continued with dickbag quest givers who say rude things to you when you turn in quests. Not to name names, but it was this guy:

Pictured: Lord Pissypants Von Asshole, Jr.

Pictured: Lord Pissypants Von Asshole, Jr.

Seriously though, he was super rude. So I took a screenshot of him so that everyone would know to /spit on him next time they’re in Stonetalon.

It was not all dickwads and jerkbags, though. One of the quests in the first base you come to in Stonetalon has you repair a very large battlebot named Big Papa at the behest of a little girl named Alice. Last time I was here I didn’t get the reference, but having played the Bioshock games since then, I was totally thrilled to get to do that quest.

Break their bones, papa!

Break their bones, papa!

We then headed onward through the trees towards our next quest hub. For being a war-torn land, Stonetalon has some beauty to it.


We did some quests with the Grimtotem tauren, possibly one of my more favored tauren tribes in the game. I’m still not over Cairne’s death but I have to admit that Magatha is an awesome antagonist and I wish we would see more of her. Alas, with the next expansion focusing on Draenor, it’s unlikely. But I did get to do some quests for this guy:


As an aside, I love love love tauren architecture and culture. Also, Grimtotem tattoos need to be a thing for players.

After creepily taking pictures of a half naked tauren chieftain without his permission, I scuttled off to do some quests involving a bomb I had encountered early in the zone. It seems I wasnt as successful at diverting it as I had hoped, because I found it again back in the hands of the goblins some time later. Here’s how it went down:

Hey guys, do you remember that bomb I totally thought I had gotten rid of? I found it again.

Hey guys, do you remember that bomb I totally thought I had gotten rid of? I found it again.

Guys? Guys, I really think we need to do something about this bomb!

Guys? Guys, I really think we need to do something about this bomb!

I'll save you!

I’ll save you!





On a side note, though, rescuing helpless druids made me mad. Way to be an embarrassment to druid-kind, guys. You’re druids! You’re not helpless! Shapeshift! Pop barkskin! Entangling roots! Dash! MOONFIRE SPAM! Ugh, nevermind. Just run around screaming and die. You know, if Sylvestris had been arch druid of this school, this wouldn’t have happened. I mean really, the head druid guy was about as useless as a naked mole rat. “What?! The Horde is going to bomb my school?! Quick! Hop on my hippogriff and…rescue five of my 60 students. Yeah, just five will do. But make it the brightest five, okay? And when you’re done with that, we’ll just sit back and watch the bomb drop…”

In memory of all of those who died in the druid school bombing of 2014.

In memory of all of those who died in the druid school bombing of 2014.


I paid my respects and moved on. We soon came to a pretty little enclave of Gilnean folk situated on the bluffs overlooking the sea. As with all things Gilnean, ravens were involved, trees were abundant, and it smelled vaguely of dog.

Oh. Well that would be why.

Oh. Well that would be why.


“Houndmaster” sounds like a hunter spec that needs to happen. At the very least, I want the option to walk my pet around on a badass chain like in the picture.

The furry dog guy in the dress sent us on our way to poke at a dragon’s nest using a slightly terrifying device engineered by a gnome who wanted really badly to get jiggy with a werewolf. None of these things gave me much confidence in my mission, and being blasted around by a pair of rockets strapped to my back was not my idea of playing it safe. Did you know you take fall damage if you rocket launch yourself too far? I didn’t. This quest is not Iron Man Challenge friendly. Be careful!

As it turns out, big black drakes like to live in active volcanoes.


They are also not very fond of people who come in, kill their whelps, and smash their eggs.

Look at the pretty dragons!

Look at the pretty dragons!

A little too close for comfort...

A little too close for comfort…




Despite the occasional aerial sneak attack by an angry black drake, I returned to the Gilnean base unscathed (though slightly singed by faulty Gnomish technology.) I didn’t linger, though I would liked to have done so, and made my way back across the zone headed west. I decided to hit up the Southern Barrens next instead of Desolace, because Desolace would have made for some fairly bland screenshots. Also, it’s icky.

We end our journey here, at the edge of the Barrens, in an Alliance base where Iarann can catch some resting bonus, get off her hooves for a while, and flirt with the many identical human men in armor.


She can also spend some time training her newest pet. I found a rare spawn raptor in a cave just off a path in Stonetalon, and while I usually slaughter anything with a silver dragon around it, I decided to tame this one. Good call, too, as this model of raptor isn’t available again until Northrend levels. His name is Ahuizotl, after a character in the My Little Pony series. Say hi!


That’s the adventure so far, folks. I’m not dead yet and I’ll be hitting up the Barrens soon. Wish me luck in my quest to 90 with zero deaths!

Good night!


Iron Man Challenge: Winter Veil Edition

A very merry Winter Veil to all of my friends in Azeroth. Hopefully the presents under the tree treated you well this year (and if you get an extra Rotten Little Helper, consider donating him to your friendly neighborhood druid!)

I’ve spent some time away from the game recently as real life holidays colluded to suck up all my time. After Thanksgiving I got a new job, and as I settle into the new routine in addition to the commute time, I find myself lacking a lot of energy. Christmas came and was very fun for all involved with tons of presents, laughter, family, baking, and farm-raised hams. No store bought pigs in this house, oh goodness no. We slaughter them ourselves!

My work schedule is slowly becoming more normal as holiday hours come to an end. And as I unwind from the holiday rush (whyyy do I always leave my shopping til the last minute?!) I will have more time to do leisure activities – like play WoW!

Today I took a little bit of time after a night out with my family for Mom’s birthday (29 again this year. Soon I’ll be older than she is) and did some of the holiday festivities on my little Iron Man girl. Iarann packed her bags and left the dusty canyons of Stonetalon behind for the trip across the world to Ironforge.

First I had to get myself all the way to Rut’theran Village to take the boat to Stormwind.


After a long time at sea, I arrived in Stormwind Harbor. Iarann was greeted by a couple of lions decked out for the holidays.

Derp derp.

Derp derp.

This one is deadly serious about his gifts. You won’t be taking them from him.


I always loved Stormwind when it was decorated for the holidays. So many lights and trees and wreaths and revelers.

Season's Greetings from Iarann and Fluttershy!

Season’s Greetings from Iarann and Fluttershy!

From Stormwind we made an uneventful pilgrimage via the tram to Ironforge, the chilly stone bastion of Winter Veil. And dwarves. I didn’t get anything fun in my presents this time around 😦


Greatfather Winter is ugly close up. I guess it’s a dwarf thing.


After sitting in his lap (haha, yeah right) I decided to break into the local bank for more presents. Honestly, security there is a little lax.

More presents!

More presents!

Then it was off to the throne room to wish Whatsisface a merry Winter Veil. Instead I found evidence of a recent Horde raid, which just goes to show even holidays aren’t exempt from orc bloodlust.


Here’s a pretty tree. I tried to get a shot of the main tree by the bank but there were too many people in the way.


I decided to wander around Dun Morogh afterwards, just to see what decor they put up. That zone reminds me of Christmas year round anyway.

It's also really pretty.

It’s also really pretty.

There was a Christmas tree next to the inn that I don’t remember ever seeing before. It’s an entirely different model than any other tree this time of year.


After all that tromping around in the snow, I headed back inside for a pint and some holiday sweets. Don’t worry, I avoided the mistletoe like the plague.


Merry Christmas!






We Have a Winner!

I took 1st place in the Stranglethorn Fishing contest this afternoon. I got an heirloom ring I won’t use because none of my alts are under level 80. I think I have competed a grand total of 3 times in all the years I’ve been playing, mostly because I didn’t figure I’d ever win. I thought I had the best chance at winning the Kalu’ak Fishing Derby on Saturdays, since it was mostly due to RNG and luck, but then they took that out of the game and never put it back…

Now the only thing standing between Sylvestris and his alliterative Salty title is [One That Didn’t Get Away], which is the achievement to catch one of ten rare fish from around Azeroth’s waterways. This oughta be fun.


I may (or may not) have instigated an all-out bloody PvP brawl on the Timeless Isle yesterday, because I may (or may not!) have accidentally tab targeted a flagged Horde player while auto shot was active on my hunter. And I may (OR MAY NOT, I stress) have panicked wildly and ran away to shadowmeld behind a tree until I was unflagged.

Again, may or MAY NOT.

Iron Man Challenge!

A few months back I decided I would get in on the Iron Man Challenge…then I promptly forgot all about it. Yesterday I noticed I had a character on a new server and I didn’t remember rolling a character there. Surprise! It was the low level character I made to do the Iron Man Challenge! So meet Iarann of Skywall US:

I'm going to die!

I’m going to die!

I chose a Draenei hunter because of the Draenei racial heal ability. Also, a hunter just seemed easiest. Feign death should be a lifesaver. Ice Trap, deterrence and disengage will also probably save my squishy bacon a few times. And if I get into trouble, I can sacrifice my pet and run like the dickens.

The official rules are posted here, if you want to check them out for yourself. But basically, you level from one to the cap without dying, without any assistance, and without anything such as talent points or buffs or good gear or professions except First Aid. If that sounds hard, well, good. This is a challenge, not a walk in the park! One of my favorite ways to pass the time and get some experience is pet battling, but I haven’t found any official ruling on that yet so I’m going to avoid it until I do. I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t partake, but just in case…

In addition to following the official rules, I have a few strategies of my own I think will help me stay alive. Dying randomly and in various strange ways is kind of a talent of mine. Many of those deaths occur when I tab out of the game, leaving my poor character standing defenseless in some dangerous place. So I am going to have to curb that bad habit, as well as implement a few other safeguards such as only tabbing/logging out while I’m in an Inn or city where I’m safe. I am also going to avoid doing quests that send me into notoriously lethal spots, such as caves and strongholds and the like. I’ve been playing long enough to have a good idea of where those problem spots are.

So far, levels 1-10 have been cake, just as they always are. But they come with an undercurrent of anxiety because if I screw up and die I have to start all over again. Fluttershy (my moth) and I have been going slow but steady, taking our time and paying a hell of a lot more attention than we usually do while leveling. I’ve been using my hunter tracking abilities to keep aware of my surroundings at all times, and to make sure I don’t blunder into a hornet’s nest full of mobs without thinking.

One thing I noticed was that the official rules forbid hunters from using pet talent points (obviously an outdated version of the rules, since hunter pets haven’t had talent points since Cataclysm) but when my hunter hit level 10, her pet was automatically specialized, with no option to unlearn that specialization. I guess it’s alright if it’s something the player has no control over? At any rate, Iarann hasn’t been flagged in the database as breaking the rules, so I guess pet specializations are in.

If you want to check out my place on the official challenge website, you can find Iarann listed here at the very bottom of the list. I’ll also be updating her progress sporadically on my blog.

Here’s hoping that this challenge doesn’t send me drooling to the looney bin any time soon.

To Level 30…and Beyond!

Dungeon Crawling

Lil Izza has made dungeon running her habit of choice as of late. I’ve given up trying to quest AND run dungeons: there just isnt enough experience per level to do both. So I’ll get back to questing shortly, but for now I’m enjoying blitzing through the lower levels. Level 30 came a lot faster than I expected.

And it’s around this level that my least favorite dungeons pop up, namely Gnomeregan and Stockades. I actually like them both fine (Stocks is boring as hell, though) but it’s the optional bosses that annoy me. People don’t want to do them. They bitch if you try to take any detour. The worst of them will promise that they will stick around to do them afterwards, and then bolt as soon as the end boss is killed. I don’t understand the idea of an “optional” boss at any level in any context. How many times have you killed Mindbender Ghur’sha in a PUG? Once? Twice? Because no one wants to take a brief detour down that optional hallway, just like no one wants to take a brief detour in Stocks to kill Overheat because you don’t HAVE to.

Thankfully I know Gnomeregan like the back of my hand. It’s really easy to get turned around in there. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to tell a PUG “go this way” because no one reads/listens to anyone but themselves. Like the one guy who bawled because I went the “wrong way” in the Electrocutioner’s room….which is a circle. You can go either way. There is no wrong way. Good grief, people.

It’s an exercise in patience, at the very least. I havent met a group yet that was content to let me pull. I’ve grown to ignore the warlocks who run ahead pulling and fearing. I grit my teeth through the shaman who thinks sending mobs flying every which way with Thunderstorm is good dungeon etiquette. I ignore the paladins who run with Righteous Fury on and the hunters who cannot figure out how to turn off Growl.

There needs to be an end-all be-all Holy Bible of sorts, a comprehensive “thou shalt not” list for beginning dungeon-goers. It needs to be an in-game item too, I think, that you can open and peruse at your leisure. And if you break any of the “do nots” it lists, it shocks the crap out of you.

Hammer and Anvil Adventures

Leveling blacksmithing is proving to be a chore, even at the low levels. Probably because I spend a lot of time in dungeons where there are no ore nodes to mine. I’m rectifying that currently. I’ve been running around gathering up as much ore as I can carry, since my blacksmithing is only at level 110.

I’ve been alternating dungeon runs with laps around Arathi and Western Plaguelands. I do about 4 or 5 dungeons and then make a few laps around collecting iron and gold. Arathi is nice because no one is ever there, meaning I don’t ever have to compete for nodes…but the iron nodes there are few and far between. WPL has more competition generally but almost 3 times as many nodes as Arathi, so one lap around the zone nets me two stacks of ore on average. That’s good, because everything I have at the moment that will skill me up requires 5-7 iron bars.

Devastate vs. Sunder Armor

This is a noob moment. Forgive me. I have been using Sunder Armor (glyphed so it hits two mobs at once) up until now. But since I hit 39 I spent my talent point and grabbed Devastate. What’s the difference? Devastate does damage. Okay. Great! Costs the same amount. Cool! But am I supposed to replace Sunder Armor with it? I’m assuming so.


So this post is actually really late. Iza is level 45 right now. That’s what happens when everything goes wrong all at once in real life and you have to put some things on the back burner but not others. Also school started and I’m pressed for time, which I dont general spend playing WoW anymore. Things will smooth out soon here once I get back in the flow of being a student again, but anyway. Yeah. Late post is late. Hopefully I will catch up the posts to my actual adventures here shortly!

Izza vs. The Dungeon Finder: Round One…FIGHT!

Orc Sea Dog says: I may or may not have pissed myself.

Uh…that’s great, dude…*thumbs up*



Little Izza hit level 15 a while ago and I took her into the Deadmines for some pirate-slaughtering fun. It was interesting. Successful, but interesting.

I don’t know why people insist on ignoring etiquette in low level dungeons. It makes it very difficult to tank things when someone pulls before I can even get close enough to hit the mob. Then everything scatters and I cant get aggro, which means no rage, which means no nothing. So long as no one has the stones to bitch to me about a problem they’re causing, I guess I can just deal with it.

Ragefire Chasm is the bane of any decent player’s low-level existence. They really need to fix it so that the “end” boss is not the first boss in the dungeon. Every time, without fail, we kill Taragaman the Hungerer and then the group bails. Since you’ve already completed the dungeon technically, you can’t queue for more…it’s a pretty big oversight by the dungeon planning department.

Also, anyone who joins a dungeon with Rez Sickness ought to be tracked down and clubbed over the head with their own keyboard. Repeatedly.

Most of my “tanking” consists of taunting things and spamming Sunder Armor. And, because groups these days seem to lack any sense of manners, a lot of cursing under my breath.

Silverpine Forest

I just finished the final quests in Silverpine. Gotta say, one of my favorite zones so far in the old world. I feel a little guilty causing havoc for the Worgen, being a Worgen lover at heart, and kidnapping Lorna makes me feel all kinds of dirty…but the quests are so incredibly fun I find myself not caring. I really wish the opposing quests were available for Worgen, because it seems pretty harsh that they don’t get to see the end to their own story line. Having an entire Alliance camp in southern Silverpine where you work to deter the Horde onslaught would be oodles of fun.

Unfortunately I think my determination to run each dungeon as I level up is forcing me to outlevel Hillsbrad before I even get there. Oh well.


I picked up Glyph of Sunder Armor and Glyph of Cleaving for cheap off the Auction House. No idea if they’re optimal for me, but they were at least affordable.


In Other News

I have continued my pet collecting habit in earnest over the past few weeks. I picked up the last Alliance Argent Tournament pet I needed, purchased a few of the Horde ones at low(ish) prices off the AH, and even got the last crocodile pet from the Outland fishing daily. Finally!

I grabbed the bear and the lasher from the Hyjal dailies and was extremely surprised (and happy!) to see the Scorched Stone in my daily cache. The little fire elemental is a welcome addition to my wee elemental collection.

I was able to buy a special promotion trading card pet as part of a pre-sale thing over on and while I was checking out that purchase I noticed that another TCG pet was on sale for 4 bucks. Uh, yes please! So I bought those two for about 15 bucks total. I’m not in the habit of spending real money on fake things, but for such low prices I can’t feel too guilty.

I also got Mojo a week or so ago while running Zul’Aman with the guild. In that same run I think I also got the achievement for unhexing all of the people. Yay!

And to cap off the rare drops, two days ago I was questing in Stranglethorn just for the quest achievements and picked up the Razzashi Hatchling! It dropped off of Tethis, the quest mob that caps off Hemet’s “kill a zillion raptors for no reason” quest chain. Apropos, right?

I recently saw a Deviate Hatchling on the AH for 200 gold starting bid (800 buyout) and thought I would be crafty and bid on it…and lost. So now I’m irritatedly farming for it off and on.

I’m still working on the Crawling Claw. Almost 40 Tol’Vir solves and I have the mount and the ring and…something else. But it isnt the pet so I don’t care.

Izza and Darnell, Sittin’ in a Tree…

…probably not kissing because Izza is missing her lower lip…

But I really do like Darnell. I have created some sort of (depraved) narrative in my head in which Darnell and Izza fall in love. It’s the kind of love only corpses can feel: cold, distant, smells kinda funky…and it gives a whole new meaning to the term “boning”.

Don’t look at me like that.

Anyway. I’m running around Deathknell hacking up my less-intelligent brethren and wondering how exactly I can see with no eyes, and why Darnell just stands there and lets me get beat on without helping. He’s probably the type of guy to rush in and loot a quest object off the floor while I do all the dirty work clearing to it…oh hell. It’s like questing with The Boy.

Darnell is forgiven; he plays hacky-sack with the corpses of Scarlet Crusade members and can carry six at a time on his shoulders. /swoon

Steady now, don't drop them!

On a more serious note, I absolutely love the mood of the entire Deathknell experience. Helping newly turned Forsaken accept who they are? Best quest in the zone. Seeing who those Forsaken become as a result? Even better.

I feel like they should remove the chance to miss for melee and spell attacks below level 10. I’ve died twice now because, while fighting one mob my level, my only melee attack (Strike) missed twice and they mob killed me before I could kill it. That doesn’t seem entirely…right…

It gets better as I get a few more levels under my belt. And also actually get a belt. Turns out I was kinda running around in my skivvies.

I took Blood and Thunder as my first talent. Seemed a safe choice since I probably don’t need extra armor at the moment and I don’t have Heroic Strike just yet.

I just hit level 15. Time to run a few dungeons. That is for another post, though. Ta!

The Next Project

Meet Izza.

That would be short for Itzalotl, which in turn is short for Itzpapalotl, only I removed the P’s because I have a strange aversion to the letter P. Itzpapalotl is a skeletal Aztec warrior goddess of the underworld…does any of that NOT scream Forsaken to you? Anyway, it took me like six weeks to pick a name and even though Itzalotl is kinda strange off the tongue I refuse to go back and look for a replacement. If I keep talking I am going to rant about how the Greeks have a minor god for every damned situation imaginable (patron god of shitting in a dirt hole!) so we’ll just go from there.


Another Guide?

I don’t have the stomach for another lengthy “how to” guide. More to the point, the warrior is the one class in WoW that I confess I do not know how to play. Never had a warrior at the level cap, never seriously looked at gear or rotations or even specs. It is the unknown. This should be fun!

She is on the same server as Nthati, my project druid (Zangarmarsh US-H) to allow for fostering if need be.

I am going to be writing a series of pseudo-guide posts that chronicle my adventures as a warrior. They will be mostly for entertainment (for me as much as you, I hope). I will most likely talk about low level tanking techniques, what I learned, mistakes I made, etc. These posts will likely encompass some sort of actual, useable information, but it’s not my intention to map out talent trees or prattle on about how to level effective in Fury spec or whatever. Nope. I have only a few weeks of summer left and I’m going to poke around in a more laid-back manner.

This little warrior isnt going to replace my focus on Nthati either. I’ll be playing them both, and writing about them both, and of course still writing about my main druid.

I don’t think I will level very fast, so you won’t see these little posts popping up left and right twice a week. Then again, I could get into a groove and knock out half the game in a few days. Who knows.

The Plan

I am going to level via questing, and run each dungeon a maximum of one time. I find this works the best given how fast I tend to level. I love the undead questing zones so much I don’t want to bomb through them in an hour because I spent time in a dungeon.

Izza will be Protection originally, and then will dual spec to Fury later on. I will queue as both tank and DPS and see what happens. I will not keep two separate sets of armor until probably level 80.

Izza will become a blacksmith and a miner. Like the warrior class, I have never thoroughly leveled blacksmithing (which I hear is a pain in the butt). Thankfully Nthati is a miner as well so I can funnel mats in as needed…as well as gold.

I’m going to mail myself 100 gold to start with to cover the initial costs of everything. After that I am going to try to keep Izza autonomous if possible by auctioning extra mats and such.

I am going to quest through Tirisfal, Silverpine, and Hillsbrad. After that, we’ll see where I end up.

In Other News

Nthati is chugging along through the regular Cataclysm instances, tearing through her Molten Front dailies, and just generally making a nuisance of herself in all manner of things. She’s already got the iLevel for heroics but I’m not confident enough yet to poke my head in one. Going to replace a few more pieces of gear with justice point items, reinstall Recount to get a feel for my DPS (it was linked in a Grim Batol run at 8k, I need to know if that was a fluke or if I can actually sustain that, or better). Then I will start running heroics. I’m also paying extra close attention to my rotation and cooldowns trying to get it all right and squeeze out the best DPS I can. It’s a new arena for me since I usually heal and couldnt care less. It’s been fun.

I am in the process of overhauling the site. It may look completely different in the next few days. At the top of my list is a cleaner site layout with tabs for guides and such so people can find things easier. Hopefully I can pull that off.