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Once this business of ours in Draenor is concluded, I’d like to see Blizzard revise the travel options leading to and from Outland and Draenor. The current iteration of portals and teleports has become way too frustrating and convoluted.

For example, while leveling a shaman through Hellfire Peninsula, I encountered a quest asking me to head back to Nethergarde Keep for a bottle of booze. Pre-Draenor, that was easy. Head back to the Dark Portal, hop through, run to the keep, buy the booze, and hearth back to Honor Hold. Now, the Dark Portal takes your to Draenor even though you’re on Outland (I don’t think low levels can zone through, however), so you can’t get back to the Blasted Lands that way anymore. There are multiple portals to Stormwind next to the Dark Portal (why couldn’t one of those portals take you back to Nethergarde? Why do we need 2 Stormwind portals?), so you have to port there, then fly to Nethergarde Keep. Getting back isn’t any easier, either. The Dark Portal only leads to Draenor now, so unless you set your hearth to Honor Hold, you have to go BACK to Stormwind and port to Hellfire…even though there is a huge portal in Blasted Lands that should, by all reasonable means, take you to Outland.

It would be nice if, once we are done killing alternate universe orcs, we saw the Dark Portal close down and become a one-stop portal for either Outland or Draenor. If you’re not level 90, it ports you to Outland. If you’re in Hellfire, it ports you back to Blasted Lands. Why can’t it be that simple? I don’t like portal puzzles and I don’t like jumping through extraneous hoops to get where I’m going when logically it should be a straight shot.



Rare Pet Watch: Scorpling

It has been a while since my last RPW! Let’s talk about another pet that gives folks a little trouble: the scorpling.


Most Azerothian battle pets are quite common. They’re numerous and scattered all over their zone, ready to be plucked up by eager pet battlers. Some pets, though, are annoyingly uncommon. Like the minfernal and scourged whelpling, the scorpling can be a pain in the ass to find. It’s not as rare as either of those, but neither is it as common as the glut of rabbits and beetles found in other zones. If you want it, be prepared to put in a bit of an effort, and doubly so if you want a rare. Its scarcity might lead you to believe it’s a superior pet in battle. You’d be sadly mistaken. The scorpling is mediocre at best. It’s no different than any other scorpid battle pet, but to a dedicated pet collector that makes little difference. If you want one, here’s what information I’ve collected in my hunt for a rare Scorpling.


Scorplings are found only in the Blasted Lands. They spawn in the hills south-east of the Dark Portal. If you run a coordinate add-on, they spawn around 60, 58. In my time camping and farming them, I have never seen one spawn to the sourth-west of the portal. I have only ever seen them on the plateaus of the hills to the south-east. You won’t find these as secondary battle pets anywhere in the zone. If you want one, you gotta catch it here.


Time of day makes no difference here. I have seen them up mid day and in the middle of the night. The only impact time makes is on server population. If you want to catch one on a high population server, I would suggest camping out late at night or early in the morning to avoid competition.


There’s nothing to it. No tricks to get them to spawn, no gimmicks, no events, no rare spawns. They’re either up or they’re not, it’s that simple.

Conventional internet forum wisdom states that killing other battle pets in the zone will force these to spawn. The theory is that battle pets work a lot like fishing nodes in a zone: only a set number can be up at any given time. To make more spawn, you have to kill (or fish) others. That’s all nice and dandy, but in all my time pet hunting, I have never seen anything to back that up. My theory is that people like to assert control over things that are out of their control. Pet spawns are not under their control, so they try to find ways around that. A lot of people state that after they flew around the Blasted Lands killing battle pets, a few scorplings spawned. That’s great. But correlation does not prove causation. I think the more likely explanation is that a few scorplings spawned while they were gone. The end. So if you have a lot of time on yours hands, go fly around killing battle pets in the Blasted Lands and let me know how that goes for you. But here’s my counter: I’m on a next-to-nothing population realm in a completely empty zone where no one (myself included) is killing battle pets…and the scorplings keep spawning.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to rare battle pets. One person asserts that they spawn one at a time every ten minutes. Refuted: I watched them spawn 5-6 at a time. My very best advice to you is just to be patient. Plant an alt in the area and check back every hour or so. Best of luck!