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Bragging Rights

I have had the most incredible streak of luck these last few days.

I told myself I was probably done collecting minipets for a while, seeing as I got the 150 reward and the only ones left were rare drops that I didn’t want to farm…but then I started farming. And they started dropping.

Disgusting Oozeling – 20 minutes tops. Opened maybe 15 bags.

Fox Kit – 30 minutes tops. One and a half times around the island.

Dark Whelpling – 1 minute, if that. Dropped on the second kill.

Gundrak Hatchling – 100 kills give or take. Seven times around the circuit in Zul’Drak.

Sea Pony – 10 casts give or take. Got it within 5 minutes of starting. (I have some doubt as to the actual rarity of this pet, but some people report hundreds of casts and nada, so I dont know).

And it all started with the Crawling Claw. I have spent the entire damned expansion working on archaeology on and off, hours at a time, flying all over Kalimdor trying to get those four measly digsites to pop up in Uldum. I got the mount a long while back. I figured surely the pet will be popping up soon. Nope. It took me 65 Tol’Vir solves to finally find the little guy (which is far less than most people but still a significant investment of time). And like magic once that little paw was in my grasp I had a renewed interest in farming rare pets…

To be fair, not all of them came so easily. I actually farmed for days straight for the dark whelpling. I massacred hundreds, perhaps thousands of whelps for hours on end without so much as a glimmer of hope. And then one day I logged in and on a whim moonfired a few whelps before hearthing…and there he was.

And I spent days in Hillsbrad committing Yeti genocide in a fruitless campaign to add the black tabby to my collection. After days of wasting every living thing in sight I finally gave up and hunted down the little sucker on the auction house for three thousand gold.

So it hasnt all been easy, but it’s renewed my interest in tedium. When cute little pets are the reward I have more drive than you might expect!

Coming Up…

Winter Veil! Rumors of a new pet (a lump of coal) and I still have a little helper I have yet to collect.

Darkmoon Faire! I have 115 tickets stored up, but I will be buying the tallstrider mount first before I collect any pets.

And that’s it for now!