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Level 85, Uldum, and Cut Scenes

Well, Sylvestris hit 85 in the wee hours of this morning during a Halls of Origination run with the guild. It’s been a surprisingly short run from 80 to 85, and in retrospect I think I expected it to be far longer and harder. Regardless of my expectations, Cataclysm has so far blown them out of the water. I’m looking forward to getting some better gear and *eek!* stepping into some heroics with the guild. No PuGs. Just the guild. Until I get my feet under me, at least.

It’s been nice these first few weeks of Cataclysm. The guild always seems to have a dozen people on and everyone is willing to run dungeons or participate in something. A great feeling after the end-of-Wrath doldrums that nearly killed us. What annoys me though, is all the people who stopped playing at the end (some went so far as to freeze their account) are now hopping back on. It’s irritating because these people claimed they didn’t have the time, couldn’t afford, etc. to play. They left us to bash our head against Sindragosa and now they’re popping back on suddenly with all the cash and time in the world to play. They will, of course, expect a spot on the raid team when it comes time, and they’ll get it because we have few options to replace them. Frustrating.

Personally I am hoping raid time does not come too soon. I am enjoying the time “off” so to speak to level and explore and quest and generally play on my own. There is likely some guild somewhere who is already poking the first raid boss in the face, and good for them! But I hope my guild is not soon to follow.

On a different matter.

Uldum was AMAZING. I am a huge fan of ancient Egypt (went to San Francisco last spring to view the King Tut exhibit, and it was mind-boggling) so Uldum immediate became a favorite. What really got me was the Tol’vir. Egyptian cat people? Yes please. I love the architecture, I love the scenery, I love everything about it. The quests were almost entirely a parody of Indiana Jones, right down to Sullah and an ancient relic that looks suspiciously like the Arc of the Covenant. Don’t forget little German-accented goblins headed by a mock-up of Hitler himself, called the “furrier”. Really enjoyable and kinda tongue-in-cheek humorous.

What strikes me about Uldum is that it is riddled with cut scenes. There is a quest chain involving Indy in which, literally, every other quest is punctuated by a cut scene displaying the fruits of your efforts. These cinematics don’t rival the goblin/worgen ones in scope or detail, but they’re entertaining and help explain more fully your impact on the quest line and the world in general. I think they’re pretty neat, though at one point I sighed and declared aloud to Boyfriend (with whom I was questing), “Oh look, another cut scene…” I won’t complain though. I got to run amok with a young Harrison Jones. Too bad there wasn’t a cut scene of him shirtless…