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I Get High with a Little Help from My Friends…

That 29,000 gold purchase I mentioned I made?



Dragon. Sandstone Drake, to be precise.

A big, huge, ultra-mega-thanks to my guild, who as soon as they heard I was whipping this thing up showered upon me all the help I could possibly ever want. Several people donated truegold, or mats for truegold, or cooldowns to make truegold. Others still crafted potions for me, or helped me hunt down an alchemist who could make the end result. It’s one of the many reasons I love my guild so much. I didn’t ask for help; I just got it. I couldn’t be more grateful. Honorable mentions? You bet.

Adra, The Boy, Manda and Alma for truegold transmutes and lots of them.

Adra again for making the potions (if I remember correctly…I dealt with a lot of alchemists…)

Nani and Syraeda for donating extra volatiles.

Aish for dropping a crap ton of truegold on my head. I feel like I owe her my first born child or something. Seriously crazy-nice donation.

And Barnaught, who was awesome enough to make the dragon for me once I got the mats together.

If it werent for these folks I’d probably still be farming mats. I cannot thank them enough. Free dragon rides for life! Just, please, no “mile high” club on my back…

The Process

If you’re looking into getting this mount for yourself, you’ll need to have bare minimum 29,000 gold. That doesnt take into effect goblin discounts, though, so if you’re a goblin or know one, the end price may be cheaper.

The dragon is only made by alchemists with a 450 skill in archaeology. Even then, they have to dig up and piece together a Canopic Jar from the Tol’vir artifacts and hope that it has the recipe inside. It’s only about a 10% chance, too, so expect the availability of alchemists who can make this to be very low.

The mats for this recipe are as follows: 12 truegold, 8 Flask of Titanic Strength, 8 Flask of the Winds, and 8 Deepstone Oil. Then you have to purchase a pyrium laced vial and 8 sand of time from Yasmin in Uldum.

That further breaks down into 36 pyrium bars, 120 volatile air, water, and fire, 128 volatile life, 128 whiptail, 64 cinderbloom, 64 Azshara’s veil, 16 crystal vial, and 8 albino catfish.

You’ll also need to purchase 1 pyrium laced vial for 4,000 gold and 8 sand of time for 3,000 gold each. See where the gold investment comes in? Ouch.

So you can understand now why farming these mats all on my own was a huge undertaking. I spent hours, literally, flying up and down the river in Uldum picking whiptail, and equally as long circling Tol Barad picking Azshara’s veil from the water. I spent hours over the course of two days fishing in Hyjal for volatile water, at a rate of maybe 1-2 waters per every 3-4 pools. I hijacked as much from my alts as I could, and then got small donations from guildies to fill in the rest.

I think overall about 60-70% of the total mats I farmed myself, with the remaining percent coming in from generous folks in my guild.

If you’re planning on making this and NOT planning on spending more money than you have to, here’s a bit of advice: get friendly with an alchemist and an herbalist. Maybe even a miner, if you’re none of the above yourself. I mean real friendly. I wont tell your mother.

Buying all those mats off the AH will turn a 29k gold drake into a one million gold drake easily, so unless you’re the richest bastard in WoW, I highly recommend farming as much of it yourself as possible.

Leave some room in your wallet for a tip.

Fun stuff: as a druid I can switch out of the dragon form high in the air, pop over to flight form, and let my poor passenger float all…the way….down…

Works especially well for the, ah, heavier passengers out there…

Ow, my back.