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Rare Pet Watch: Scorpling

It has been a while since my last RPW! Let’s talk about another pet that gives folks a little trouble: the scorpling.


Most Azerothian battle pets are quite common. They’re numerous and scattered all over their zone, ready to be plucked up by eager pet battlers. Some pets, though, are annoyingly uncommon. Like the minfernal and scourged whelpling, the scorpling can be a pain in the ass to find. It’s not as rare as either of those, but neither is it as common as the glut of rabbits and beetles found in other zones. If you want it, be prepared to put in a bit of an effort, and doubly so if you want a rare. Its scarcity might lead you to believe it’s a superior pet in battle. You’d be sadly mistaken. The scorpling is mediocre at best. It’s no different than any other scorpid battle pet, but to a dedicated pet collector that makes little difference. If you want one, here’s what information I’ve collected in my hunt for a rare Scorpling.


Scorplings are found only in the Blasted Lands. They spawn in the hills south-east of the Dark Portal. If you run a coordinate add-on, they spawn around 60, 58. In my time camping and farming them, I have never seen one spawn to the sourth-west of the portal. I have only ever seen them on the plateaus of the hills to the south-east. You won’t find these as secondary battle pets anywhere in the zone. If you want one, you gotta catch it here.


Time of day makes no difference here. I have seen them up mid day and in the middle of the night. The only impact time makes is on server population. If you want to catch one on a high population server, I would suggest camping out late at night or early in the morning to avoid competition.


There’s nothing to it. No tricks to get them to spawn, no gimmicks, no events, no rare spawns. They’re either up or they’re not, it’s that simple.

Conventional internet forum wisdom states that killing other battle pets in the zone will force these to spawn. The theory is that battle pets work a lot like fishing nodes in a zone: only a set number can be up at any given time. To make more spawn, you have to kill (or fish) others. That’s all nice and dandy, but in all my time pet hunting, I have never seen anything to back that up. My theory is that people like to assert control over things that are out of their control. Pet spawns are not under their control, so they try to find ways around that. A lot of people state that after they flew around the Blasted Lands killing battle pets, a few scorplings spawned. That’s great. But correlation does not prove causation. I think the more likely explanation is that a few scorplings spawned while they were gone. The end. So if you have a lot of time on yours hands, go fly around killing battle pets in the Blasted Lands and let me know how that goes for you. But here’s my counter: I’m on a next-to-nothing population realm in a completely empty zone where no one (myself included) is killing battle pets…and the scorplings keep spawning.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to rare battle pets. One person asserts that they spawn one at a time every ten minutes. Refuted: I watched them spawn 5-6 at a time. My very best advice to you is just to be patient. Plant an alt in the area and check back every hour or so. Best of luck!


The Wonderful World of Whelplings

My search for the Scourged Whelpling had stalled a few days ago mostly due to my unwillingness to actually level the death knight I created to hunt for the elusive beast. Thankfully I have a wonderful friend and guild leader who offered to hop on a level 90 horde alt and use a passenger mount to fly me up to Icecrown. Hooray!

I wasn’t sure if it would work, as Ravenholdt is not CRZ enabled. But it did work (I was transferred to his server) and off we went. Apparently Blizzard never got around to fixing that little bug where you get dismounted when flying between zones, because I promptly plummeted to my death in Sholazar. It’s okay thought, a helpful tree caught me. This seems like something that should not have been allowed to make it to live servers, but I’m past the point of being surprised by Blizzard’s apparent laziness anymore.

After scraping my cow hide off the tree, we flew on to Icecrown. As soon as I left the group I died again. Thankfully there is a graveyard not ten feet from Sindragosa’s Fall. There were no whelps immediately available and after running around a bit and dying a lot and ruining my gear, I logged off for the night. It wasn’t so much a matter of “will there be whelps?”. It was more “will they be some place I can actually reach them?” I can’t go traipsing off through a bunch of level 85-ish mobs at level 58, so I had to wait for a whelp to spawn in a convenient location.

I logged in this morning and lo and behold, the elusive creature was there before me. He was right on the edge where the mobs stop and that long empty stretch of Syndragosa’s Fall meets the tournament grounds. I had to inch my way in carefully to avoid a roaming vrykul and some others, but I got him. My biggest fear wasn’t accidentally killing him. It was being hit by another player, since this is a PvP server. But no one bothered me as I quickly caught myself arguably one of the rarest pets in the game.

I had wisely stashed away an undead battle stone months ago for just this occasion, and now I am the proud owner of my very own rare Scourged Whelpling. Thanks Adra 🙂


Well Damn

So it seems that my old friend, the ghost run, is no longer serviceable.

Used to be I could get myself killed, run as a ghost to a graveyard many zones away from where I died, and then log out. When i logged back in, I could talk to the spirit healer and be resurrected in that zone instead of the zone in which I died. It was really, really useful.

And now it seems that my flagrant disregard for how stuff is “supposed” to work has been nixed. I found the spirit healer in the Argent Tournament Grounds and logged out as usual. But when I logged back in and politely asked for a rez, she booted me straight back to Borean (with a loud raspberry in my wake, I’m pretty sure). Rude. I wish I had known about it sooner. It would have made the 30+ minutes I spent running my little dead ghost ass from Borean Tundra to Icecrown a lot less…useless. Ugh.

Well that plan is out! I have two options: some very nice high level character can ferry my butt on a two-seater mount or I can suck it up buttercup and level myself to 60, grind out the money for flying, and do it that way. A cursory /who in Borean Tundra after my ghost run failed told me that the zone was as dead as I was. There was not a single pleasant soul around to be my chauffeur. Lame.

That leaves me with one option: queue for dungeons until I hit level 60, then pick up herbalism and mining and farm the hell out of low level herbs and ore so I can make the requisite dough for flying. It’s gonna be a rough ride because I honestly hate that level bracket, and even more so when I have to do it on a death knight. I don’t know why. Possibly because I’ve done it so many times before.

But rest assured, that rotten little scourged whelpling will be mine. MINE.

Addendum to “The Very Best Pet Collecting Server Ever”

After my initial sweep a few days ago I narrowed down which pets I hadn’t found in rare and stationed my little death knight in those areas for maximum camping exposure. I was able to grab a few more rares and finally end my troubles in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms!

It took me a few days of light camping to finally nab a rare giraffe calf. I ran a circuit around the Southern Barrens one or twice a day. Each time I would battle about 5 or 6 giraffe calves (excluding the times when none had spawned; it was oddly all or nothing). And after about three days, I found a rare.

I also remembered about the Anodized Robo Cubs that are so scarce on Bloodhoof. I have one, but I haven’t been able to find a rare. So after a couple days of clearing out Everlook (10 or so cubs each time) I found one. Happy!

I am currently making a ghost run through Northrend on my way to Icecrown for the whelp. I feel like this may be the most reckless thing a level 58 tauren death knight has ever done. We’ll see how it goes!

The Very Best Pet Collecting Server Ever

I have a little “secret” to share with all you lovely pet collectors. There exists a server that is untainted by the foul stench of CRZ. It is a haven, a paradise, a mecca if you will. Where the lands flow with pets and competition is scarce. Where you can frolic and play and collect to your heart’s content. Where even rare pets are plentiful.

That server is Ravenholdt (US).

I first heard about Ravenholdt on the Warcraft Pets forums. I thought to myself, “Self, you need to bite the bullet and roll a death knight on Ravenholdt, because rare pets are extinct on Bloodhoof!” And so I did. As I was busy bruising my fat tauren backside through the initial quest line in the death knight starter zone, I reminisced on my luck pet collecting on Bloodhoof.

I’ve done fairly well for myself, all told. My usual policy is to catch first, hunt rares later. I catch the first pet I find just to be certain I have it in my collection. Later I will go back and hunt for specific rares. So I have a lot of individual pets in my collection that might be considered uncommon or hard to find, but they’re of a low quality. And I like rares. The problem is that, since Bloodhoof has a large population and is part of CRZ, I am at a severe disadvantage when it comes to camping select hard to find pets. Minfernals? Forget it. At least 10 people swooping around during the day, more at peak hours. Spawn of Onyxia? Only seen one or two. Giraffe Calf? I wasn’t even sure it existed. Scourged Whelpling? I’ve never seen one before. The issue wasn’t my dedication. I devote a huge amount of my play time towards pet battles and collecting. It was the combined forces of nasty CRZ and a naturally high population server that kept me from obtaining some of the pets I want most. I got a minfernal months ago much to my surprise and delight, but that had nothing to do with tedious camping. It was sheer luck. A fluke.

When my little tauren death knight was all ready to head out into the world on his own, I immediately took a flight from Orgrimmar to the Southern Barrens. Armed with my trusty level 19 Terrible Turnip, I set off across the plains. My hopes were high that I would be able to find a giraffe calf this time, and oh man. Was I not disappointed. The first pet to pop up on my radar was a calf. It was poor and I didn’t care at all. I had a giraffe calf! But five seconds later I found another…and then another…and by the time I had run once around the zone, I had an uncommon quality calf in my possession. That was good enough for me. I’ll come back and hunt for a rare later, but my curiosity was killing me. What about the rest of the pets I had been hunting fruitlessly for months of Bloodhoof?

I hopped a flight into Dustwallow and galloped towards Onyxia’s lair. On my home server the place is usually devoid of battle pets. As soon as I got close my screen began to bloom with little green paws. Spawns everywhere! It took but four battles to nab a rare. I gleefully deleted by old poor quality spawn and raced off to catch a flight to Tanaris. Infinite whelplings next!

On Bloodhoof the Caverns of Time usually spit up one or two whelps every time I visit, but the area is heavily camped and I have never caught a rare. The first thing I noticed upon landing was that Tanaris was in the throes of a sandstorm, and the first pet to appear on my minimap was the elusive Silithid Hatchling. What an amazing stroke of luck! Thankfully, I already had a rare hatchling in my possession so I left it for some other worthy pet battler to find. I raced off to the Caverns of Time. It was loaded with whelps. They appeared beneath my feet (hooves?) with a greyed out paw on the map indicating that the Caverns themselves beneath me were chalk full of little whelps. And the ruined area outside by the summoning stone was packed. I battled one and another respawned only a few feet away. Two minutes later, I had a rare. Oh this server rocks!

What else could I add to my collection? I was feeling rejuvenated. Pet collecting had gotten stale for me, circling endlessly around waiting for pets that never spawned. But this was fun! I remembered trying to find a Stunted Yeti in Feralas and the irritation over the number of people in the area doing the same thing. So I boarded a wyvern and sailed off into the blue. I landed in Feralas and rode to the yeti caves and sure enough, they were crawling with wee little yetis. There was no one in sight. I pranced happily through the yetis, knee deep in battle pets, and before I had cleared even half of them I had a rare. By the time I headed back out of the cave, more had spawned outside, and my minimap was a sea of happy green paws.

Ecstatic, I flew back to Orgrimmar and hopped a zeppelin to the Undercity. Where should I go next? The possibilities were endless. I remembered my grueling ordeal trying to find a rare Tiny Twister in Arathi, and flew there next. I landed and ran towards the Circle of Outer Binding. On Bloodhoof and my alt server Madoran, I had spend countless hours trying to coax the little farts to spawn. I did everything I could to force them out of hiding. I battled quite a few of them, but never found a rare. It was frustrating as hell to compete with other folks, especially when I was the one doing the work killing other battle pets in the zone trying to force the Twisters to spawn. When I arrived on Ravenholdt, the zone was empty, and I could not actually see the Circle of Outer Binding on my minimap through the swarm of little green paws. Twisters everywhere! And two battles later, I caught my rare. On to the next!

From here I decided my next destination would be the Wetlands. Here is another place I have spent so many hours flying in circles, moonfiring little critters, and praying to eldritch gods for a Tiny Bog Beast. I’ve seen a few of them before, of course, and caught one for myself. They’re not that rare. But I could never find more than one or two at a time, and even then I had to dodge other pet collectors. Would Ravenholdt be different or had my lucky streak finally come to an end? No, as it turns out, I was still on fire. The area around the Green Belt was crawling with tiny little bog beasties. I didn’t find a rare my first time through, but they began to respawn fairly quickly, and I resolved to come back later after I had poked around southward for a Fluxfire Feline.

On arrival in the toxic airfield in Dun Morogh I found a smattering of felines waiting for me. Two battles later, I had the rare that had eluded me for so long. I then promptly died to a level ?? guard, but that’s fine. I got what I came for. I rode back to the Wetlands. The tiny bog beasts were nowhere to be seen. Oh well. Can’t win them all. So I rode back to Hammerfall and caught a wyvern to Hillsbrad. I had forgotten to check for the Lofty Librams while I was up there. Dalaran Crater was packed with the little flappy books and after a complete circuit around I finally found my rare.

So ends my tale of joy. I caught one elusive pet I had never seen before and upgraded 6 pets I had been having a hard time finding on my home server. It only took me a couple of hours from creation of my new death knight to the end of my journey. I have to say it was incredibly fun to actually be able to catch pets, rather than just circle around for hours waiting on spawns.

I wholeheartedly feel that some pets should be exceptionally difficult to find and capture. But I don’t like the way CRZ impacts pet collecting. It feels artificial. I’m not a CRZ fan by any means, and this just kind of furthers that distaste.

So if you’ve been beaten down by your server’s lack of pets, consider rolling a death knight alt on Ravenholdt and doing what I did. It’s an RP-PVP realm but if you’re worried about being ganked, take heart. I didn’t see more than two people the entire time I rode around Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, and neither of them paid me any attention.

My next goal is to level up a bit and make enough gold to purchase flying, so that I can finally get myself a scourged whelpling.

TL;DR version: Ravenholdt US is an RP-PVP server that is exempt from CRZ. This means those hard to find pets you’ve been scouring the globe for are readily available and pet collecting is easier than ever. I proved this by catching a giraffe calf first time out and upgrading a lot of elusive pets to rare. I highly recommend rolling a death knight alt and suffering through Arthas’ questlines so that you can get out there and get pet collecting.