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The Next Project

Meet Izza.

That would be short for Itzalotl, which in turn is short for Itzpapalotl, only I removed the P’s because I have a strange aversion to the letter P. Itzpapalotl is a skeletal Aztec warrior goddess of the underworld…does any of that NOT scream Forsaken to you? Anyway, it took me like six weeks to pick a name and even though Itzalotl is kinda strange off the tongue I refuse to go back and look for a replacement. If I keep talking I am going to rant about how the Greeks have a minor god for every damned situation imaginable (patron god of shitting in a dirt hole!) so we’ll just go from there.


Another Guide?

I don’t have the stomach for another lengthy “how to” guide. More to the point, the warrior is the one class in WoW that I confess I do not know how to play. Never had a warrior at the level cap, never seriously looked at gear or rotations or even specs. It is the unknown. This should be fun!

She is on the same server as Nthati, my project druid (Zangarmarsh US-H) to allow for fostering if need be.

I am going to be writing a series of pseudo-guide posts that chronicle my adventures as a warrior. They will be mostly for entertainment (for me as much as you, I hope). I will most likely talk about low level tanking techniques, what I learned, mistakes I made, etc. These posts will likely encompass some sort of actual, useable information, but it’s not my intention to map out talent trees or prattle on about how to level effective in Fury spec or whatever. Nope. I have only a few weeks of summer left and I’m going to poke around in a more laid-back manner.

This little warrior isnt going to replace my focus on Nthati either. I’ll be playing them both, and writing about them both, and of course still writing about my main druid.

I don’t think I will level very fast, so you won’t see these little posts popping up left and right twice a week. Then again, I could get into a groove and knock out half the game in a few days. Who knows.

The Plan

I am going to level via questing, and run each dungeon a maximum of one time. I find this works the best given how fast I tend to level. I love the undead questing zones so much I don’t want to bomb through them in an hour because I spent time in a dungeon.

Izza will be Protection originally, and then will dual spec to Fury later on. I will queue as both tank and DPS and see what happens. I will not keep two separate sets of armor until probably level 80.

Izza will become a blacksmith and a miner. Like the warrior class, I have never thoroughly leveled blacksmithing (which I hear is a pain in the butt). Thankfully Nthati is a miner as well so I can funnel mats in as needed…as well as gold.

I’m going to mail myself 100 gold to start with to cover the initial costs of everything. After that I am going to try to keep Izza autonomous if possible by auctioning extra mats and such.

I am going to quest through Tirisfal, Silverpine, and Hillsbrad. After that, we’ll see where I end up.

In Other News

Nthati is chugging along through the regular Cataclysm instances, tearing through her Molten Front dailies, and just generally making a nuisance of herself in all manner of things. She’s already got the iLevel for heroics but I’m not confident enough yet to poke my head in one. Going to replace a few more pieces of gear with justice point items, reinstall Recount to get a feel for my DPS (it was linked in a Grim Batol run at 8k, I need to know if that was a fluke or if I can actually sustain that, or better). Then I will start running heroics. I’m also paying extra close attention to my rotation and cooldowns trying to get it all right and squeeze out the best DPS I can. It’s a new arena for me since I usually heal and couldnt care less. It’s been fun.

I am in the process of overhauling the site. It may look completely different in the next few days. At the top of my list is a cleaner site layout with tabs for guides and such so people can find things easier. Hopefully I can pull that off.