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Izza and Darnell, Sittin’ in a Tree…

…probably not kissing because Izza is missing her lower lip…

But I really do like Darnell. I have created some sort of (depraved) narrative in my head in which Darnell and Izza fall in love. It’s the kind of love only corpses can feel: cold, distant, smells kinda funky…and it gives a whole new meaning to the term “boning”.

Don’t look at me like that.

Anyway. I’m running around Deathknell hacking up my less-intelligent brethren and wondering how exactly I can see with no eyes, and why Darnell just stands there and lets me get beat on without helping. He’s probably the type of guy to rush in and loot a quest object off the floor while I do all the dirty work clearing to it…oh hell. It’s like questing with The Boy.

Darnell is forgiven; he plays hacky-sack with the corpses of Scarlet Crusade members and can carry six at a time on his shoulders. /swoon

Steady now, don't drop them!

On a more serious note, I absolutely love the mood of the entire Deathknell experience. Helping newly turned Forsaken accept who they are? Best quest in the zone. Seeing who those Forsaken become as a result? Even better.

I feel like they should remove the chance to miss for melee and spell attacks below level 10. I’ve died twice now because, while fighting one mob my level, my only melee attack (Strike) missed twice and they mob killed me before I could kill it. That doesn’t seem entirely…right…

It gets better as I get a few more levels under my belt. And also actually get a belt. Turns out I was kinda running around in my skivvies.

I took Blood and Thunder as my first talent. Seemed a safe choice since I probably don’t need extra armor at the moment and I don’t have Heroic Strike just yet.

I just hit level 15. Time to run a few dungeons. That is for another post, though. Ta!