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I have nothing coherent to post but I dislike leaving this thing dead for very long, soooo…

I have been busy running the raid finder as a resto druid, so I can play a bit of catch up before 5.2 hits. I am nearly done with the first leg of Wrathion’s legendary quest line, just need a few more sigils. I have also been doing my dailies (finally) because I feel like a slacker not being exalted with everyone. I just got burnt out on dailies, but that seems to have worn off a bit. I’m revered with August Celestials and will be revered with Shado-Pan and Shieldwall tomorrow. Yay!

I started work on some of the archaeology achievements I neglected. There is a title I’m after, and if there is a title involved I tend to be pretty dogged. I have also been working on catching the last pets I need so that when summer rolls around I can get the Zoologist title.

I have been leveling my little priest on Madoran as fast as I can. I started her there because I wanted the Tarecgosa pet from the Warcraft Pets guild, but I’m enjoying the priest and the guild so much I plan on sticking around.

Speaking of pets, Mowse and his guild <Deal With It> on Shadowmoon (US-H) have been generous enough to offer me and many other pet collectors a spot to earn rep for the dragon hatchling pet. He also mentioned letting us nab the Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent too once his guild unlocks that. He gets my vote for hero of the day.

Let’s see, what else am I working on…

I am slowly leveling my warrior to 90 so I can work on his jewelcrafting, since I want the mounts and pets for my collection and I dislike spending a lot of money. I also thought I would level my warlock so I can have a high level tailor to make bags, but after almost an hour spent playing with my spec and my spell bar and getting utterly overwhelmed reading class guides, I gave up.

That’s about it I think. I have some ideas for actual real posts in the future. Happy collecting!